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International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science

Open Academic Journals Index

Number Issue 6, V.2

  • Heart Disease Prediction Using Classification with Different Decision Tree Techniques
    Authors: K. Thenmozhi 1, P.Deepika2
    Data mining is one of the essential areas of research that is more popular in health organization. Data mining plays an effective role for uncovering new trends in healthcare organization which is helpful for all the parties associated with this field. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world over the past 10 years. Heart disease is a term that assigns to a large number of medical conditions related to heart. These medical conditions describe the irregular health condition that directly affects the heart and all its parts. The healthcare industry gathers enormous amount of heart disease data which are not “mined” to discover hidden information for effective decision making. Data mining techniques are useful for analyzing the data from many different dimensions and for identifying relationships. This paper explores the utility of various decision tree algorithms in classify and predict the disease.
  • Survey on Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
    Authors: 1Backialakshmi.M,#2Sathya sofia .A,
    Cloud computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the internet. The primary benefit of moving to Clouds is application scalability. Cloud computing is very beneficial for the application which are sharing their resources on different nodes. Scheduling the task is quite a challenging in cloud environment. Usually tasks are scheduled by user requirements. New scheduling strategies need to be proposed to overcome the problems proposed by network properties between user and resources. New scheduling strategies may use some of the conventional scheduling concepts to merge them together with some network aware strategies to provide solutions for better and more efficient job scheduling. Scheduling strategy is the key technology in cloud computing. This paper provides the survey on scheduling algorithms. There working with respect to the resource sharing. We systemize the scheduling problem in cloud computing, and present a cloud scheduling hierarchy.
  • Parameter Optimization and Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Functions in the Wet Range of Water Availability in Different Soils
    Authors: R. K.Malik^1, Deepak Kumar2
    The knowledge of the soil hydrodynamic functions is essential for modeling the soil water dynamics and different components of water balance. Major contribution of these components occurs during the wet range of water availability in the soil profile. The functional form of the most commonly used theoretical hydrodynamic functions of Brooks-Corey and van Genuchten coupled with Burdine and Mualem hydraulic conductivity models were developed for coarse, medium, and moderately fine-textured soils. For developing these functional forms, parameterization and fitting performance of the corresponding soil water retention functions were performed using RETC computer code employing non-linear least-squares optimization. It was observed that for the wet range of water availability in the loam and silty clay loam soil, the best performance was given by the Brooks-Corey soil water retention function followed by van Genuchten functions with m = 1-1/n and m = 1-2/n. However for this range of water availability, the van Genuchten functions with m = 1-1/n gave a slight better performance in sand in comparison to other functions which gave same performance. It was observed that as the sand content of these soils decreases, the hydraulic conductivity and soil water diffusivity at particular soil water content also decreased. The hydraulic conductivity predicted by the Mualem-van Genuchten function were observed to be less than predicted by Mualem-Brooks-Corey function and the same trend was observed for the soil water diffusivity for these soils.
  • Seismic Behavior of soft Storey Building : A Critical Review
    Authors: Devendra Dohare1, Dr.Savita Maru2
    :- Soft first storey is a typical feature in the modern multi-storey constructions in urban India. Though multi-storeyed buildings with soft storey floor are inherently vulnerable to collapse due to earthquake, their construction is still widespread in the developing like India. Functional and Social need to provide car parking space at ground level and for offices open stories at different level of structure far out-weighs the warning against such buildings from engineering community. With the availability of fast computers, so that software usage in civil engineering has greatly reduced the complexities of different aspects in the analysis and design of projects. In this paper an investigation has been made to study the seismic behaviour of soft storey building with different arrangement in soft storey building when subjected to static and dynamic earthquake loading. It is observed that , providing infill improves resistant behaviour of the structure when compared to soft storey provided.
  • Effect of water temperature during evaporative cooling on Refrigeration system
    Authors: Mohit Yadav, Prof. S.S Pawar
    Refrigerator is mainly a composition of four devices Compressor, Condenser, Expansion device and evaporator which have some limitations [1]. Temperature range of working is also a limitation for Refrigerator which affects their performance. Here we provide more effort to reduce the limitations related to working temperature range and try to modify the size of refrigerator with the effect of evaporative cooling.Since condenser rejects latent heat of refrigerant to atmosphere due to higher temperature of refrigerant at condenser. So due to this rejection of heat it provides the cooling in evaporator [2]. Co-efficient of performance of refrigeration system mainly depends on temperature difference between the condenser and that medium where heat is to be rejected. More temperature difference, more heat rejection so more cooling on account of same work to refrigeration system. But if the temperature difference is less, less heat rejection will be there so less cooling by giving same amount of work which decreases the Co-efficient of performance of the system. [3]
  • Review on Sensor parameter analysis for forward collision detection system
    Authors: . Vaishali B.Gadekar1, Mrs. Savita R, Pawar2
    Automobile crash safety is becoming one of the important criteria for customer vehicle selection. Today, passive safety systems like seat belts, airbags restraints systems have become very popular for occupant protection during collisions. Even the active safety systems like ABS, ESP, parking assist camera etc are becoming regular fitments on many vehicle models. Also many technologies are evolving for collision detection, warning & avoidance as well. Different sensors, which comprise of RADAR, LIDAR / LASER or Camera, are used in forward collision warning (FCW) to avoid the accidents. In this project scope, study is carried out on sensing parameters for different types of sensors on Indian road environment in context of collision avoidance systems to benefit the overall road safety in India. The analyses of the parameters will support towards selection of best sensing configuration, to achieve optimal system performance. Such a study would also provide insights into the functionality limitations of different types of sensing systems.
  • Analysis of Access Control Techniques: R3 and RBAC
    Authors: Priyanka Jairath*, Rajneesh Talwar#
    Cloud computing could be a new approach of computing that leverages the economical pooling of on-demand, self managed, virtual infrastructure. Multicloud designs deploying and evolving our application to include new clouds. This paper provides a survey regarding however multi cloud design will scale back the protection risks and by exploitation multiple distinct clouds at an equivalent time helps in disaster recovery, geo-presence, and redundancy. Though respectable progress has been created, a lot of analysis has to be done to deal with the multi-faceted security issues that exist among cloud computing.
  • An Investigative and Synoptic Review on Helium Liquefaction Using a Commercial 4 K Gifford- McMahon Cryocooler
    Authors: Mahesh N1, S A Mohan Krishna2
    The review paper describes liquefaction of helium using a commercial cryocooler with 1.5 W cooling power at 4.2 K, equipped with heat exchangers for precooling the incoming gas. Measurements of the pressure dependence of the liquefaction rate are considered. Also liquefaction rate and temperature can be observed by placing resistors in series inside the liquefaction container. There by taking voltage reading we will get liquefaction rate. The assembly of Gifford -McMahon cryocooler with heat exchangers and helium liquefaction container is usually accomplished. The pressure gauge has to be connected to the container in order to examine the oscillation which gives the liquefaction rate. Also resistors are placed inside the container to measure the temperature and pressure of helium at different stages in container. This paper furnishes detailed information about the methodology and experimental technique about the utility of Gifford-McMahon cryocooler for Helium liquefaction
  • Structural Analysis on Unconventional Section of Air-Breathing Cruise Vehicle
    High temperatures encountered during hypersonic flight lead to high thermal stresses and a significant reduction in material strength and stiffness of airframe of air-breathing hypersonic cruise vehicle. Thermo-structural analysis on hypersonic vehicle airframe is one of the challenging problems since the properties, yield strength and ultimate tensile strength varies with temperature. Thermal analysis, structural analysis and coupled thermo-structural analysis has been carried out on an unconventional section of hypersonic air-breathing cruise vehicle subjected to high temperatures and flight loads. The unconventional section having constant cross section designed for housing the fuel tank and intake-cowl opening mechanism of cruise vehicle has been modeled using commercial software CATIA V5. Analytical stresses have been calculated due to flight loads at control surface deflection of 0° and 15° at Mach 6, 590°C temperature. Linear relation between E, G and K with temperatures has been considered in the computational and analytical calculations. Computational analysis has been carried out using commercial software ANSYS Workbench in the present study. Static analysis has been carried out on section subjected to maximum bending moment of 6900 N-m to verify the structural integrity of the section. The results obtained from computational analysis are in good agreement with analytical results. This study provides the material combination which ensures structural safety of airframe of cruise vehicle at all operating conditions.
  • Minutiae Extraction and Variation of Fast Fourier Transform on Fingerprint Recognition
    Authors: Amandeep Kaur1, Ameeta2, Babita3
    A fingerprint is the feature pattern of one finger. It is believed with strong evidences that each fingerprint is unique. Each person has his own fingerprints with the permanent uniqueness. So fingerprints have being used for identification and forensic investigation for a long time. The fingerprint recognition problem can be grouped into two sub-domains: one is fingerprint verification and the other is fingerprint identification In addition, different from the manual approach for fingerprint recognition by experts, the fingerprint recognition here is referred as AFRS (Automatic Fingerprint Recognition System), which is program-based. This paper presents the variation of Fast Fourier Transform on finger print recognition by fast fingerprint minutiae extraction and recognition algorithm which improves the clarity of the ridge and valley structures of the input finger print images based on the frequency and orientation of the local ridges and thereby extracting correct minutiae .This research work has combined many methods to build a minutia extractor and a minutia matcher. Simulation results are obtained with MATLAB going through all the stages of the fingerprint recognition is built. It is helpful to understand the procedures of fingerprint recognition. And demonstrate the key issues of fingerprint recognition
  • Quantitative Determination of Swertiamarin in Swertia chirayita by HPTLC
    A simple, rapid, and accurate High-Performance Thin-layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method has been developed for the determination of Swertiamarin in aerial parts of Swertia chirayita procured from Nepal & collected from Gangtok and Kumaon respectively. The methanolic extracts of Swertia chirayita samples were applied on TLC aluminum plate pre-coated with Silica gel 60 GF254 and developed using a solvent system containing Ethyl acetate : Methanol : Water (7.7 : 1.3 : 0.8, v/v/v) as a mobile phase. The densitometric detection of spots was carried out using a UV detector at 245 nm in absorbance mode. This system was found to give compact spot for swertiamarin (Rf value = 0.53±0.02). The calibration curve was found to be linear in the range of 200 to 1000 ng/spot. The limit of detection and quantification were found to be 50 and 200 ng/spot, respectively for swertiamarin. The highest and lowest concentration of swertiamarin in Swertia chirayita was found to be present in sample from Nepal and Gangtok, Sikkim respectively. The method was validated in accordance with ICH guidelines.
  • Simulation & Implementation Of Three Phase Induction Motor On Single Phase By Using PWM Techniques
    Authors: Ashwini Kadam1,A.N.Shaikh2
    The main objective of this paper is to control the speed of an induction motor by changing the frequency using three level diode clamped multilevel inverter. To obtain high quality sinusoidal output voltage with reduced harmonics distortion, multicarrier PWM control scheme is proposed for diode clamped multilevel inverter. This method is implemented by changing the supply voltage and frequency applied to the three phase induction motor at constant ratio. The proposed system is an effective replacement for the conventional method which produces high switching losses, results in poor drive performance. The simulation & implementation results reveal that the proposed circuit effectively controls the motor speed and enhances the drive performance through reduction in total harmonic distortion (THD). The effectiveness of the system is checked by simulation using MATLAB 7.8 simulink package.
  • Analysis of T-Source Inverter with Integrated Controller using PSO Algorithm
    Authors: Sathyasree.K1,Ragul.S2,Divya.P3,Manoj kumar.R4
    This paper deals with the design and simulation of integrated controller for T-source inverter (TSI) based photovoltaic (PV) power conversion system. The TSI has less reactive component, high voltage gain and reduced voltage stress across the switches compared to conventional inverter used in PV power conversion system. Integrated controller provides the maximum power point tracking and DC link voltage control to the PV power conditioning system. Here the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in achieved by PSO algorithm and DC link voltage is controlled by capacitor voltage controller algorithm. T-Source inverter implemented with integrated control for PV system is simulated using MATLAB Simulink. The results are analyzed, compared with DC link controller; the same has been verified with experimental setup.
  • Experimental study of different operating temperatures and pressure in PEM fuel cell
    Authors: Sudhir Kumar Singh
    This Paper also give the Various range parameter of temperature of using fuel cell and including current voltage power characteristic , uniformity of cell unit voltage, Gas, pressure impact and air flux impact operating temperature of fuel cell has been change in anode and cathode side. This paper also give the experimental approach of the fuel cell. The effects of different operating parameters on the performance of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell have been studied experimentally using pure hydrogen on the anode side and air on the cathode side.
  • Engineering and Sustainable Environment
    Authors: Er. Amit Bijon Dutta 1, Dr. Ipshita Sengupta 2
    India is one of the promising universal business giant with a second fastest fiscal escalation rate (8.9%) and a fourth largest GDP in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (US$ 3.6 trillion). Every industry faces the threat of failure in business. Construction companies are predominantly susceptible to fiscal risk owing to the nature of the industry, intense rivalry, reasonably low access barrier, soaring uncertainty and risk involved, and fanciful rise and falls in construction volume. We need to encompass a closer perceptive of the correlation involving the two inter-related matters of risk management and funding on construction projects. It is becoming progressively more essential to attain the goals of the patron, the proprietor and the constructor and its supply chain, particularly when the interest in PFI and PPP arrangements are incessantly budding all around globally. Engineers carry on their shoulders the responsibility of endorsing the principles of sustainable growth. Sustainable development deals with meeting existing individual needs from naturally accessible reserves, while preserving and enhancing the surrounding environmental quality. This paper deals with the various issues involved in the process of engineering while taking in view the environmental considerations for future generations, the prospective responsibility industrial engineers can have in putting a stop to pollution caused by industrialized processes and accentuate how both disciplines can be pooled to craft well-organized and competent resolutions.
  • Analysis of Cancer Gene Expression Profiling in DNA Microarray Data using Clustering Technique
    Authors: 1C. Premalatha, 2 D. Devikanniga
    DNA microarray technology has been extremely used in the field of bioinformatics for exploring genomic organization. It enables to analyze expression of many genes in a single reaction. The techniques currently employed to do analysis of microarray expression data is clustering and classification. In this paper, the cancer gene expression is analyzed using hierarchical clustering that identifies a group of genes sharing similar expression profiles and dendrograms are employed that provides an efficient means of prediction over the expression.
  • Dynamic Book Search Using RFID Technology
    Authors: A.Ankit Kumar Jain, T. Rama Krishna
    In view of the problems existed in library management; we designed a RFID Intelligent Book Conveyor using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This book conveyor is portable equipment with complete functions, friendly interface and convenient operation. It can greatly improve the work efficiency of librarians and the service quality of the library. This project contains one server and multi slave microcontrollers here we are using system (PC) as a server and slave is an LPc2148 microcontroller, each slave microcontroller contains one RFID and each one communicates with master microcontroller.
  • Air Entrapment Analysis of Casting (Turbine Housing) for Shell Moulding Process using Simulation Technique
    Authors: Mr. Prasad P Lagad1
    Casting simulation plays a very important role in predicting defect before going to actual trials in shell moulding process. Air entrapment analysis, fluid flow analysis & solidification analysis generally performed in shell moulding. Fluid flow analysis to be done to see Temperature distribution for molten metal during pouring, Air entrapment, Flow related defects cold shut, misrun. Solidification/Thermal analysis to be done to simulate progressive solidification, Predict the solidification defects (porosity), Degree of soundness of casting. This paper describes the benefits of casting simulation for air entrapment analysis to understand the possibility of area where air might be entrapped during solidification & give us solution to provide the flow off to avoid air entrapment related defect such as blow holes in the foundries.
  • Design and Implementation of Advanced ARM Based Surveillance System using Wireless Communication
    Authors: Ms. Jadhav Gauri J.
    This paper evaluates development of a low cost surveillance system using different sensors built around the microcontroller with fingerprint sensor module. The low power PIR detectors take advantage of pyroelectrcity to detect the change in environment temperature through human temperature in our experiment. Also we are using Ultrasonic sensors and vibration sensors. Ultrasonic sensor (Obstacles detection) detects the intruder on their physical presence .Vibration sensors detect sound of breaking or senses vibration signal. Fingerprint sensor module is based on taking fingerprint of the user with the help of fingerprint sensor module and matching it with the database details corresponding to the user fingerprint and displays it on the computer screen. Detecting the presence of any unauthorized person it triggers an alarm and send sms to a predefine number through a GSM modem. This surveillance system has a better percentage of security with respect to other security system available. Apart from this it is fast processing less expensive and better probability, alter and copy of information between source and database.
  • Efficient Scheme for Data Transfer Using XOR Network Coding
    Authors: Er. Anjali Gupta
    Compromised senders and pollution attacks are the key issues in designing and operating in any network either it is a wired or wireless (especially in applications like sensor networks, lossy wireless networks etc.) XOR network coding, an extension of Network coding is a new research area in information theory. It is a paradigm in which intermediate nodes are allowed to create new packets by combining (XORing) the incoming packets which provides the possibility to maximize network throughput and reduce number of transmissions. This paper explains the basic concept of network coding and XOR network coding, their applications and related challenges
  • A novel POCl3 catalysed expeditious synthesis and antimicrobial activities of 5-subtituted-2-arylbenzalamino-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole
    Authors: Shalini Jaiswal*, Shailja Sigh
    There is a growing need for more environmentally acceptable processes in the chemical industry. The fields of combinatorial and automated medicinal chemistry have emerged to meet the increasing requirement of new compounds for drug discovery. Microwave-assisted organic synthesis is an enabling technology for accelerating drug discovery and development processes. In the family of heterocyclic compounds nitrogen containing heterocycles are an important class of compounds in the medicinal chemistry and also contributed to the society from biological and industrial point which helps to understand life processes. Thiosemicarbazide belongs to thiourea group, whose biological activity is due to the presence of aldehyde or ketone moiety. Thiosemicarbazide derivatives exhibit a great variety of biological activities, such as antitumor, antifungal , antibacterial , and antiviral. Here we developed a, novel, solvent free, microwave assisted synthesis of hitherto unknown 5-subtituted-2aryl benzalamino-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole 4a-h with excellent yield.
  • Node Failure Recovery in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSAN) using ALeDiR Algorithm
    Authors: G Siva Kumar, Dr. I. SanthiPrabha
    Wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) refer to a group of sensors and actors linked by wireless medium to perform distributed sensing and actuation tasks. In such a network, sensors gather information about physical world, whereas actor takes decisions and perform appropriate actions upon the surroundings, that allows remote and machine-controlled interaction with the surroundings. Since Actors have to coordinate their motion in order to keep approachable to every node, a strongly connected network is needed all the time. However, a failure of an associated actor might cause the network to partition into disjoint blocks and would therefore violate such a connectivity requirement. In this project, a new algorithmic rule is proposed. which is localized and distributed algorithm that leverages existing route discovery activities within the network and imposes no extra pre-failure communication overhead.
  • Cognitive Radio Networks: Defense against – PUEA
    Authors: M.Mohamed Faisal
    A latest communication technology is Cognitive Radio Network that network in which an un-licensed user can use a unbound channel in a spectrum band of approved user. Primary User Emulation Attack (PUEA) is one of the major threats to the spectrum sensing, which reductions the spectrum access probability. The primary user emulation attacks in cognitive radio networks in an un-licensed digital TV band. A reliable AES-assisted DTV scheme, in which an AES-encrypted reference signal is generated at the TV transmitter and used as the sync bits of the DTV data frames. By allowing a shared secret between the transmitter and the receiver, the reference signal can be regenerated at the receiver and used to achieve accurate identification of the authorized primary users. When combined with the analysis on the autocorrelation of the received signal, the presence of the malicious user can be detected accurately whether or not the primary user is present. The AES-assisted DTV scheme, the primary user, as well as malicious user, can be detected with high accuracy and low false alarm rate under PUEA.
  • Harmonic Mitigation of a Solar FED Cascaded H-Bridge inverter using Artificial Neutral Network
    Authors: Priya.G, Ramani.G, Revathy.G
    A concept of application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for estimating switching angle in an 11 level full bridge cascaded multilevel inverter with optimal pulse width modulation , which was powered by five varying dc input sources. A solar panel was connected to each cascaded inverter. For a given modulation index the optimal switching angles with lowest THD is generated using trained neural network by replacing look-up table is proposed in this paper. The odd harmonics( 5,7,11) in the inverter is eliminated by using the trained network. Theoretical concepts have been validated in simulation results using artificial neural network technique which shows the high performance and technical advantages of the developed system.
  • Multiple Harmonics Elimination in Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Using Soft Computing Technique
    Authors: 1R.Ragunathan,1PG scholar, 2A.Rajeswari
    — Multilevel inverters are extensively used in various voltage applications. Harmonic elimination in multilevel inverter is a complex optimization problem. A fresh nine level hybrid multilevel inverter using harmonics elimination is presented in this paper. This method involves less number of switches associated with more number of voltage levels. The stages with higher DC link have more advantages like low commutation, reduced switching losses, increased efficiency and low input stages with more number of output levels. In this method the bacterial foraging optimization technique (BFO) algorithm is used to determine the switching angles of the inverter. The proposed method employs multicarrier pulse width modulation technique, this eliminated harmonics component from inverter output. It can be easily implemented using a PIC micro controller. Simulation result reveals the quality of feasible result.
  • Implementation of Wireless Patient Body Monitoring System using RTOS
    Authors: Gunalan .M.C1, Satheesh.A2
    — In the past decades, the requirement in the health care field is rising rapidly, and therefore we need a well-equipped efficient monitoring systems for health care centers. In general, most of the hospitals, manual inspection is done in order to collect the records of patient’s condition. Continuous and frequent monitoring of patients is required based on their health state. This leads to disadvantages like long measurement time, low monitor precision, and deployment of more manpower, this paper provides a fully automated and wireless monitoring system. In this paper, a wireless network is created for remotely monitoring of patient's health parameters like Temperature, ECG, Heartbeat, Coma recovery and saline level indication. All these parameters are continuously measured using appropriate efficient low cost modules, which are designed for each parameter. The measured data from the patients are transferred to a central monitoring station via a Zig-bee. In this a PC acts as a central monitoring station which runs LabVIEW for monitoring the parameters.
  • VLSI Implementation of Nakagami Variate Generator
    The major Objective of simulating the radio propagation channels is to substantiate the design and performance of wireless communication systems. In the early stage of analysis and performance of wireless transceiver design fading channel simulators plays a vital role. The software simulators are painless to design, where as various hardware simulators have been proved that they offer distinct speed over software based simulators. Rayleigh and Rician fading channels have been achieved by now using field programmable gate arrays, hardware-based simulators of Nakagami fading channels have perceived distant less attention. Hence this paper considers the implementation of Nakagami fading simulator on single field programmable gate array.
  • Computer Aided Design of Power Transmission System
    Authors: Dr. Mahmoud M. A. SAYED
    It is widely recognized that today’s demands in mechanical power transmission systems, (MPTS), are characterized on the world wide basis by an increasing variety of system combinations . This calls for the development and use of computer programs for designing such systems quickly and accuratelly . An important reason for using computer - aided design, (CAD) of integrated in the design of MPTS is that, offers the opportunity to develop components, units and drives, constructing the MPTS. It is goal of the CAD of MPTS, not only to automated the design of these components and drive units individually, but also to automated the design of the integrated MPTS as a whole. This work porposed expert system of CAD of MPTS should be designed in a modular way in order to make it applicable both in an integrated form as in a stand alone mode . which is capable to choose the suitable units and drives constructing the MPTS according to the prespecified design data and design them .
  • The Vibrational Spectroscopic (FT-IR & FT Raman, NMR, UV) study and HOMO& LUMO analysis of Phthalazine by DFT and HF Studies
    Authors: C. C. Sangeetha 1, R. Madivanane 2, V. Pouchaname
    In this work the FT-IR FT-Raman, UV-Visible absorption and 1H NMR spectra of Phthalazine were registered, assigned and analyzed. The spectra were interpreted with aid of normal coordinate analysis based on DFT/B3LYP and HF methods using standard 6-311++G(d,p) basis set. After scaling there is good agreement between the observed and the calculated frequencies. Bond lengths, angles and dipole moments for the optimized structures of Phthalazine were also calculated. The calculated first order hyperpolarizability shows that the molecule is an attractive molecule for future applications in non linear optics. The calculated Homo-Lumo energies show that charge transfer occurs within the molecule. Mullikan population analysis on atomic charges is also calculated. The study is extended to study the thermodynamic properties of Phthalazine. The 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) chemical shifts of the molecule were calculated by the gauge independent atomic orbital (GIAO) method and compared with experimental results. UV–Vis spectrum of the compound was recorded and electronic properties were performed. Finally, the calculated results were applied to simulated infrared and Raman spectra of the title compound which show good agreement with observed spectra.
  • Operation and control of Hybrid Microgrid
    Authors: 1V.Yamuna Parkavi (PG Scholar), 2R.Vijayalakshmi
    – In recent years, hybrid microgrid comprises of dc and ac subgrids interconnected by power electronic interfaces unlike in existing microgrids which are purely ac or dc. The main objective is to manage the power flow among all sources distributed throughout the different types of subgrids. The hybrid grid reduces the process of multiple dc-ac-dc or ac-dc-ac conversions in an individual grid and reduces the number of converter stations for converting ac to dc or dc to ac power. This hybrid can operate in both grid connected and standalone mode. The proposed grid can operate in both standalone and grid connected mode. Proportional integral controller is used for smooth power transfer.
  • An Advanced Topology for Cascade Multilevel Inverter Based on Developed H-Bridge
    Authors: Jesline Naveena .A 1(PG Scholar), Mr.B.Ramraj
    In this paper, an advanced topology for cascaded multilevel inverter using developed H-bridges is proposed. The proposed topology requires a lesser number of dc voltage sources and power switches ,which results in decreased complexity and total cost of the inverter. Moreover, a Bee algorithm(BA) to determine the magnitude of dc voltage sources is proposed. It is used to solve the transcendental equations for finding the switching angles. This algorithm can be used for any number of voltage levels without complex analytical calculations. Simulation results for 15-level inverter verify the validity and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
  • Optimized implementation of ANN control strategy for parallel operation of single phase voltage source inverter
    Authors: Dinesh Kumar.V1 PG Scholar, Dr. Balachandran.M2 Associate Professor, Nirubha.M3
    This paper describes about the efficient control strategy in parallel operation of inverters in common alternating current(AC) bus which is used in real time applications like uninterrupted power supply (UPS), medical equipments and many. The control system for parallel operation of inverters consists of two main loops; the first control loop is parallelism control over the feedback inductor current to modify the input voltage to the filter. The second loop is voltage control over the output voltage of each individual voltage source inverter connected to the common AC bus. Here control system is implemented in neuro fuzzy control strategy which ensures less precise, flexible, better stability in control. The proposed control strategy ensures the voltage source inverters(VSI) operating in common AC bus with proper sharing of load current, redundancy and without any needs of communication exchange between inverter modules .The parallel operation of inverters in common AC bus with proposed control system are verified both in theoretical and experimental results.
  • Isolated Quasi-Switched-Capacitor DC/DC Converter using solar PV
    Authors: Sathish kumar. T1 PG Scholar, Dr. Balachandran. M2
    This paper proposed to utilize the DC source from the solar PV. The DC/DC converter is the unidirectional power flow between the solar PV and load, while in existing its bidirectional. The proposed converter becomes compact using wide band gap devices which provide high efficiency and reduces heat generation of the circuit. PSO is used for the switching control for the converter. The converter can step up, step down and current doublers, synchronous rectifier is also present. The load can be a DC motor.
  • Analysis of ETL Process in Data Warehouse
    Authors: N.Nataraj1, Dr.R.V.Nataraj2
    ETL is responsible for the extraction of data, their cleaning, conforming and loading into the target. ETL is a Critical layer in DW setting. It is widely recognized that building ETL processes is expensive regarding time, money and effort. In this, firstly we review commercial ETL tools and prototypes coming from academic world. After that we review designing works in ETL field and modelling ETL maintenance issues. We review works in connection with optimization and incremental ETL, then finally challenges and research opportunities around ETL processes.
  • Review Paper on Energy Audit of a Boiler in Thermal Power Plant
    Authors: Gaurav T. Dhanre, Urvashi T. Dhanre, Krunal Mudafale
    The world over energy resources are getting scarcer and increasingly exorbitant with time. In India bridging the ever-widening gap between energy demand and supply by increasing supply is an expensive option. The share of energy costs in total production costs can, therefore improve profit levels in all the industries. This reduction can be achieved by improving the efficiency of industrial operations and equipments. Energy audit plays an important role in identifying energy conservation opportunities in the industrial sector, while they do not provide the final answer to the problem; they do help to identify potential for energy conservation and induces the companies to concentrate their efforts in this area in a focused manner.
  • Excoecaria agallocha: a potential bioindicator of heavy metal pollution
    Authors: ☼Shankhadeep Chakraborty1, Sufia Zaman2 and Abhijit Mitra3
    We analyzed the concentrations of zinc, copper and lead in the root, stem and leaf of Excoecaria agallocha collected from 12 stations in the north east coast of Bay of Bengal during April, 2013. The region is extremely polluted due to presence of industries, tourism units, fish landing stations and trawler repairing units. In all the selected stations, the metals accumulated in the vegetative parts as per the order root > stem > leaf. In the root region of E. agallocha, the concentration of zinc ranged from 17.57 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 91.84 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island). In the stem region, the values ranged from10.05 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 74.61 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island), whereas in the leaf region the values ranged from 8.80 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 35.04 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island). In case of copper, the values in the root region ranged from 11.01 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 35.25 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island). In the stem region, the values ranged from 8.99 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 30.23 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island), and in the leaf region the values ranged from 7.46 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 19.85 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island). The concentrations of lead were lowest in all the vegetative parts and also in all the stations. The values ranged from 3.33 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 15.61 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island) in root, 2.56 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 8.92 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island) in stem and 1.98 ppm dry wt. (at Bagmara) to 6.54 ppm dry wt. (at Nayachar island) in leaf. Simultaneous analyses of dissolved heavy metals in the surface water of the selected stations revealed highest values of zinc followed by copper and lead. Among the 12 selected stations, highest concentrations of dissolved zinc, copper and lead were observed in Nayachar island (540.2 ppb, 159.8 ppb and 42.04 ppb respectively). Station 12 (at Bagmara) exhibited lowest concentrations of dissolved heavy metals viz. 299.47 ppb for zinc, 98.59 ppb for copper and 15.75 ppb for lead.
  • Automation of Inter-Networked Banking and Teller Machine Operations
    Authors: Prof. Mazher Khan 1 Dr.Sayyad Ajij 2 Mr.Majed Ahmed Khan
    — In this article about biometric systems the general idea is to use of facial recognition to reinforce security on one of the oldest and most secure piece of technology that is still in use to date thus an Automatic Teller Machine. The main use for any biometric system is to authenticate an input by Identifying and verifying it in an existing database. Security in ATM’s has changed little since their introduction in the late 70’s. This puts them in a very vulnerable state as technology has brought in a new breed of thieves who use the advancement of technology to their advantage. With this in mind it is high time something should be done about the security of this technology beside there cannot be too much security when it comes to people’s money.
  • Analysis of Noise Signal Cancellation using Adaptive Algorithms
    Authors: Abhishek Chaudhary1, Amit Barnawal2, Anushree Gupta3, Deepti Chaudhary4
    Noise is an indispensable part in signal processing that we encounter every day. The study of reducing noise arises from the need to achieve stronger signal to noise ratios. It is any unwanted disturbance that hampers the desired response while keeping the source sound. The different sources may include speech, music played through a device such as a mobile, IPod, computer, or no sound at all. Active noise cancellation involves creating a supplementary signal that DE constructively interferes with the output ambient noise. The cancellation of noise can be efficiently accomplished by using adaptive algorithms. An adaptive filter is one that self-adjusts the coefficients of transfer function according to an algorithm driven by an error signal. The adaptive filter uses feedback in the form of an error signal to define its transfer function to match changing parameters. The adaptive filtering techniques can be used for a wide range of applications, including echo cancellation, adaptive channel equalization, adaptive line enhancer, and adaptive beam forming. In last few years, a lot of algorithms have been developed for eradicating the distortion from the signals. This paper presents analysis of two algorithms namely, Least Mean Square (LMS), Normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS) and gives comparative study on various governing factors such as stability, computational complexity, filter order, robustness and rate of convergence. It further represents the effect of error with alteration in amplitude of noise signal fixating reference signal and desired signal. The algorithms are developed in MATLAB
    Authors: Miss Jahanvi Joshi Mr. RinalDoshiDr. Jigar Patel
    — Breast Cancer is highly heterogeneous disease. Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis are two medical challenges to the researchers in the field of clinical research. Breast self-exam and mammography can help find early diagnosis of breast cancer. This is possible when in some situation or stage the treatment is possible. Treatment may consist of radiation, lumpectomy, and mastectomy and hormone therapy. The origin of this research for diagnosis a breast cancer depends upon a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or a nipple. Men can have breast cancer, too, but the number of cases is small. The purpose of this research is to develop a novel prototype of clinical problem regarding to diagnose and manage patients with breast cancer. The primary dataset of breast cancer is carried out from UCI dataset repository for the purpose of experimental work. These experimental works justify the problem formulation of the clinical research using different classification technique.\
  • Forecasting e-waste amounts in India
    Authors: Sirajuddin Ahmed1 ,Rashmi Makkar Panwar2,Anubhav Sharma3
    The increase in sales of electronic goods and their rapid obsolescence has resulted in generation of electronic waste, which is popularly known as e-waste. Changing trends and exponential growth of electronics industry, increase of electrical and electronic products, consumption rates and higher obsolescence rate leads to higher generation of e-waste. This paper presents a study of the amount of e-waste generated by different sectors and devices during the last few years and the trend it follows. It includes the prediction of amount of E-waste trend. The amount of E-waste generated is increasing at higher rate annually and if not treated properly it will not only have adverse impact on environment but also on human lives. The purpose of this study is to establish a set of baseline data for management of e-waste by reviewing the e-waste problem in terms of quantity and hazardous constituents present in it.
  • An Assessment on Asha Worker’s Awareness and Implementing a Low Cost Integrated Toolkit for Accredited Social Health Activist(Asha) Using Android Device (Aakash Tab)
    Authors: Dipanwita Debnath1, Suman Deb1, Kaushik Debnath2, Subir Saha3
    The objective of Government of India is to provide comprehensive integrated health care to the rural people underthe umbrella of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Avillage level Female community health worker “Accredited Social HealthActivist” (ASHA)’ acts as an interface between the communityand the public health system. Therefore present study wasconducted to access the socio-demographic profile of ASHAworkers and to assess the knowledge awareness and practice oftheir responsibilities.Mobile technologies have penetrated rural parts of the countries unlike any other technology. This canbe leveraged to provide primary maternity healthcare services. A low cast toolkit containing AAKASH TAB (android smart phone) is designed in such a way that it helps to take decision and supports for decision making.
  • Data Encryption Using DNA Sequences Based On Complementary Rules – A Review
    Authors: Ms.Amruta D. Umalkar
    With the quick development of net technology and data process technology, the knowledge is unremarkable transmitted via the net. The vital data in transmission is definitely intercepted by unknown person or hacker. So as to reinforce the knowledge security, encryption becomes a vital analysis is direction. A message cryptography formula supported deoxyribonucleic acid (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) sequence for presenting during this paper. The most purpose of this formula is to write the message with the premise of complementary rules deoxyribonucleic acid sequence.
    Authors: Mr. R. P. Sabale
    Instant search is an information-retrieval in which a system finds answers to a query instantly while a user types in keywords character-by-character. Fuzzy search further improves user search experiences by finding relevant answers with keywords similar to query keywords. A main computational challenge in this the high-speed requirement, i.e., each query needs to be answered within milliseconds to achieve an instant response and a high query throughput. At the same time, we also need good ranking functions that consider the proximity of keywords to compute relevance scores. In this paper, we study how to integrate proximity information into ranking in instant-fuzzy search while achieving efficient time and space complexities. A naıve solution is computing all answers then ranking them, but it cannot meet this high-speed requirement on large data sets when there are too many answers, so there are studies of early-termination techniques to efficiently compute relevant answers. To overcome the space and time limitations of these solutions, we propose an approach that focuses on common phrases in the data and queries, assuming records with these phrases are ranked higher. We study how to index these phrases and develop an incremental-computation algorithm for efficiently segmenting a query into phrases and computing relevant answers.
  • Live Hand Gesture Recognition using an Android Device
    Authors: Mr. Yogesh B. Dongare
    In the field of image processing it is very interesting to recognize the human gesture for general life applications. Gesture recognition is a growing field of research among various human computer interactions; hand gesture recognition is very popular for interacting between human and machines. It is nonverbal way of communication and this research area is full of innovative approaches. This paper aims at recognizing 40 basic hand gestures. The main features used are centroid in the hand, presence of thumb and number of peaks in the hand gesture. That is the algorithm is based on shape based features by keeping in mind that shape of human hand is same for all human beings except in some situations. The recognition approach used in this paper is artificial neural network among back propagation algorithm. This approach can be adapted to real time system very easily. In this paper for image acquisition android camera is used, after that frames are send to the server and edge detection of the video is done which is followed by thinning that reduce the noise, tokens are being created from thinning image after tokens are fetched. The paper briefly describes the schemes of capturing the image from android device, image detection, processing the image to recognize the gestures as well as few results.
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Painter 7.0

Painter 8.0

painter 9

painter classic

Painter Classic 1.0

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Painter Corel v8.1

Painter Essentials 2

Painter For Windows 95


Painter German 6

Painter v2.0a

Painter v3.0

Painter v3.0 Mac

Painter v3.1

Painter v4.0

Painter v4.0.3

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Painter v5.0J

Painter v5.5 Web Edition

Painter v5.51

Painter v6.0

Painter v7.0

Painter Web Edition 5.5

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PaintShop Pro v3.2J with Media Center v2.1J

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Pajączek 5 NxG Pro 5.3 and 5.4

Pajaczek 2000 Pro 4.8.0

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software:Paj czek 4.x.x

Paj czek 4.x.x

Pakoombo 01.00.001

PAL Evidence Eliminator v1.0.1

PAL Keylogger 1.0

PAL Keylogger v1.0 by Sponge Uk

Pal Merge V1.0 by CORE

Pal Merge v1.0 for Win-95/NT

PAL PC Spy 1.0

PAL PC Spy v1.0 by Sponge Uk

PAL Popup Eliminato

PAL Popup Eliminato 1.01

PAL Registry Cleaner Optimizer 1.0

PAL Registry Cleaner Optimizer 1.1

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PAL Spyware Remover 1.1

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PAL Spyware Remover v1.1 by iPA

PAL Spyware Remover v1.11 by iPA

Pal-it. 1.1

Pal-it. v1 1

Paladin 2.2

Paladin Email 3.16a

Paladin Email 3.23b

Paladin Email Enterprise Edition 3.10

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Paladin Email Enterprise Edition v3.10

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Paladin Email v3.16a

Paladin Email v3.23b

Paladin v2.2

PalaDin v22

Palbum Suite v4 0

Palce Invisual Icon

Palette 3.2

Palette v3.2

PalinDome Storage Netware Manager 4.0

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PalinDome Storage Netware Manager v40

Palindrome Backup D. Netware v4.0 Win

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Palladio X 2.2

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palm 3.5

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Palm Aid 1.0

Palm Buddy 1.1

Palm Buddy 1.x

Palm Buddy v1.1

Palm Buddy v1.x

Palm Chord 1.7

Palm Chord v1 7

Palm Debugger Advance Edition 2.0

Palm Debugger Advance Edition v2.0

Palm Deuce 1.0

Palm Deuce v1.0

Palm GB

Palm GB 1010

Palm Helmet

Palm Karnaugh 1.0

Palm OS 4.5.1

Palm OS 5.2.1

Palm Reading 1.0

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Palm Redirector 2.01

Palm ReDirector v2.01

Palm Remote 2.1 or 2.2

Palm Remote 3.0

Palm Remote v3.0

Palm RTD-TC Ref 1.0

Palm Video Converter 1.0

PalmaryClock 2.3

PalmaryClock 3.61

PalmaryClock Screensaver 1.0

PalmaryDates 1.1

PalmaryDates v1.1

PalmChord 1.1

PalmChord v1.1


PalmCord 1.1

PalmCord v1.1

PalMerge 1.10

PalMerge v1.10



PALMOS RifleSLUGS-w / add. maps



PALMR Puzzle 1.1b

PALMR Puzzle v1.1b

PalmReading Analysis 1.0

PalmReading Analysis v1.0

PalmReading Analysis v1.0 by LasH

PalmRemote 2.2

PalmRemote 3.0

PalmRemote v2.2

PalmRemote v3.0

PalmShido 1.01


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PalmTree 2.0

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PalmVex 1.0

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Paloalto Business Plan Pro 2004

PalTrak 98 1.0

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Pam 1.52

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Pam 2.0c

Pam Multi Audio Player 1.1

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Pam Multi Audio Player v1.1 by BLiZZARD

Pam Multi Audio Player v1.3

Pam Multi Audio Player v1.3 by BLiZZARD

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Pamela Anderson Screensaver 1,4

Pamela Anderson ScreenSaver 1.4

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Panasonic MPEG Encoder Plugin For Adobe Premiere 2.1

Panasonic MPEG Encoder Plugin For Adobe Premiere v2.1

Panasonic Mpeg Encoder Premiere Plugin 2.72

Panasonic Mpeg Encoder Premiere Plugin v1.72

Panasonic Mpeg Encoder Premiere Plugin v2.51

Panasonic MPEG Encoder Standalone 2.3

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Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder

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PanaVue ImageAssembler v2.12

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Panda AntiVirus

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Panda antivirus 2004


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Panda Antivirus Max 2004

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Panda OEM

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Panda Platinum Internet Security

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Panda Titanium 2004

Panda Titanium 2004 Cd Key

Panda Titanium 2005

Panda Titanium 2005 4.01.00

Panda Titanium Antivirus

Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004

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Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005 4.02.00

Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005 v4.00.01

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Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005 v4.02.00 - Working

Panda Titanium v3.02.02

Pandali Intelligent Editor 1.1

Pandashop 1.5

Pandashop v1.5

PandaTitanium Antivirus 2005 v4.02.00


Pandoras Box 1.1

Pandoras Box v1 1

PaneKiller 1.23

PaneKiller 1.25

PaneKiller 1.4

PaneKiller 1.43

PaneKiller 1.45

PaneKiller v1.23

PaneKiller v1.25

PaneKiller v1.4

PaneKiller v1.43

PaneKiller v1.43 by ORiON

PaneKiller v1.45

Panel Builder 3.02

Panel Builder 3.03

Panel Builder v3.02

Panel Builder v3.03

PanelBar for ASP v2.0

Panelbar for ASP v2.0.58

Panelbar for ASP.NET 2.0.58

PanelBar for ASP.NET v2.0

Panelbar for ASP.NET v2.0.58

Panelbar Studio 2.0.58

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Panelbar Studio v2.0.58

PanelBuilder 2.50

PanelBuilder v2.50

Pangaea 1.2.1

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Panic Volcano 1.0

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Panicware Pop-Up Stopper Pro

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Pannacle Hollywood FX

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