VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

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, VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

OS/2 Specifics of Kermit 95


Kermit 95 2.1 for IBM OS/2 has all the same features as Kermit 95 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, with the following exceptions:
  • A built-in SSH client.
  • Kerberos security.
  • The ability to run in a GUI window.
  • Internet Kermit Server.
  • Windows-specific services such as TAPI (the Microsoft Telephony API), NTLM authentication, and VTNT terminal emulation.

It also has a few features that the Windows versions do not have: SLIP and PPP dialing, a Rexx interface, and transmission of files with full OS/2 extended attributes.

NOTE: Although Kermit 95 for OS/2 is, indeed, the OS/2 version of Kermit 95, in this file we refer to the Windows version of Kermit 95 as "Kermit 95" and to the OS/2 version as "Kermit/2" for the sake of brevity and clarity.

Kermit/2 replaces OS/2 C-Kermit 5A(191) of April 1995. It is a 32-bit program, requiring OS/2 2.0 or later. It comes with a GUI Presentation Manager Dialer (which requires OS/2 3.0 or later) to set up your connections.

IMPORTANT: Kermit/2 uses different keyboard keycodes than OS/2 C-Kermit. You will need to convert any key settings files to the new keycodes. This change was required in order to allow any and all key combinations to be mapped, and to be mapped on a per-emulation basis. OS/2 C-Kermit only allowed a relatively small number of key combinations to be mapped, and all mappings were global. The new scheme also allows MS-DOS Kermit keymaps to be imported.

Kermit/2 includes a large repertoire of terminal emulations, Kermit and XYZMODEM file transfer, a powerful cross-platform script programming language, built-in automatic translation of Roman, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and other character sets: all in a consistent package that operates uniformly over direct or dialed serial connections, TCP/IP Telnet or Rlogin connections, PATHWORKS, IBM LAN Server, or NETBIOS connections, and in a consistent way with Kermit programs for DOS, Windows, UNIX, VMS, and many other platforms.

Kermit/2 is miles ahead of the old OS/2 C-Kermit:

C-Kermit 5A(191) Kermit/2 2.1

And lots more, including significant improvements in just about every area.


Eight years of full-time development have gone into Kermit 95. It is not free software; it must be licensed. The same goes for the OS/2 version; the terms for use are the same as for the Windows version.

However, in view of the declining importance of OS/2 in the marketplace, no effort has been devoted to creating OS/2-specific manuals, packaging, or hypertext INFO files. This should not detract from the utility of the software itself.

Kermit/2 is documented in the Kermit 95 and Using C-Kermit manuals. This file documents OS/2-specific differences from the Microsoft Windows 95 and NT releases.


The files are the same as for the Windows version, except all files whose names start with K95 have names starting with K2 in the OS/2 version. Also, there are certain platform-specific differences; for example, the Windows version might have some utility programs that are not needed in OS/2, and the OS/2 version has some fonts that can't be used in Windows.

Differences Between OS/2 and Windows 95

The following sections describe differences between OS/2 and Windows 95 as they affect Kermit's Terminal window.

Console Only

It was not possible to create both Windows and OS/2 GUI versions from common code.

No SSH Client

The OpenSSH library was not available for the native IBM OS/2 development environment.

No Toolbar

OS/2 Console Windows, unlike Windows 95, do not contain an optional toolbar. All functions such as window sizing, font selection, copy/paste, ... are performed by using the System Menu accessed by clicking on the Window mini-icon in the upper left hand corner.

Changing the Window Font

The fonts used in the OS/2 Console Window may be changed by choosing "Font Size ..." from the System Menu. The "Change" button changes the font size for the current window only, whereas the "Save" button will change the font size for all future windows of this application.

OS/2 Mouse Actions

OS/2 Warp 4.0 Console Windows have "Mouse Actions" that supersede all of the Kermit-95 mouse functions. In order to use Kermit-95's mouse functions for text selection, copy to clipboard, host, or printer, or cursor repositioning you must disable "Mouse Actions" by using the System Menu.

Loading Alternative Fonts into Fullscreen Sessions

Kermit-95 for OS/2 supports the ability to install VGA fonts into the video memory of the video adapter when running in a Full Screen session. This is accomplished by using the SET TERMINAL FONT command. Kermit-95 supplies fonts for: CP437 - Original PC Code page CP850 - "Multilingual" (Western Europe) code page CP852 - Eastern Europe Roman code page (Czech, Polish, ...) CP862 - Hebrew code page CP866 - Cyrillic code page (Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian)

The installation of these soft fonts is tricky and not guaranteed to work on all video adapters and with all video drivers. And remember, it can only be done in a fullscreen session -- NOT in an OS/2 Window.

Screen Dimensions

OS/2 2.x (pre-Warp 32-bit OS/2 versions) can not create 132-column console screens, but it can create console screens of just about any height you want: 30, 35, 40, etc. In OS/2 4.0 and later, you can have any screen dimensions you wish.

The Mouse Cursor

In OS/2, if the mouse cursor is within the boundaries of the terminal screen or command screen, it blinks each time the screen is updated. If this annoys you, just move the mouse off the Kermit/2 screen.

The Keyboard

On "vanilla" OS/2 systems, the keyboard should work just like in Windows 95 and NT: Same keycodes, same behavior. Note, however, that Kermit/2 does not work well with SWAPDCP (a utility floating around the net that lets you swap the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys, etc) -- some of the keycodes are lost; e.g. Esc, Ctrl-[, and Ctrl-H all appear to be the same key, with a keycode of 0. Use SWAPDCP at your own risk. (Note: OS/2 C-Kermit 5A(191) and earlier worked with SWAPDCP only because it did not provide complete key mapping capability; Kermit/2 does, but since SWAPDCP loses some of the keyboard state flags, Kermit/2 gets incorrect information.)

Also, there is presently no LK450 support for Kermit/2.

Other features not implemented in OS/2

The following features in Kermit 95 are not available in OS/2:
  • Kerberos authentication
  • NTLM authentication
  • VTNT terminal type
  • DNS SRV record lookups

Tips and Tricks

When switching away from Kermit/2's terminal screen and then switching back to it, certain video items might become confused:
  • The cursor might be lost or misplaced
  • The entire screen might be blinking (more about this below)
  • The screen border might have disappeared
  • Colors might have changed

These problems appear to be confined only to certain systems, and do not occur on others. It is believed that they are related to the particular video adapter or driver; the problems are most commonly reported on SVGA and XGA systems. You can usually work around these problems in various ways:

  • Use Alt-R to reset the terminal emulator
  • Escape back to the prompt and CONNECT again
  • Escape back to the prompt, PUSH, EXIT, and CONNECT again
  • Escape back to the prompt, run MODE CO80 (or whatever), and CONNECT again

SET TERMINAL CODE-PAGE only seems to work in fullscreen sessions. For that matter, the same seems to be true of OS/2's own CHCP program, so this is apparently an OS/2 limitation (noted in OS/2 2.1 GA).

SET TERMINAL CODE-PAGE (and OS/2's own CHCP program) seem to have no effect at all when the Hebrew NLV is installed. The code page simply does not change.

Shift-in/Shift-Out works only if you SET TERMINAL LOCKING-SHIFT ON (except in the case of the DEC Technical Character Set, used for line- and box- drawing, etc, which is handled specially).

Host-directed US/UK character-set switching (ASCII 35 interpreted as number sign in US, Pound Sterling sign in UK) works only if you have SET TERM CHARACTER-SET ASCII.

Under certain conditions on certain systems, Kermit/2 has been observed to put the entire screen (or subsequent help screens) in blinking mode. For example, when running in a fullscreen session, CONNECT mode active, background color is high-intensity, and using Alt-Esc to get to the desktop, then resuming the Kermit window can produce this effect; reportedly, this is caused by a bug in some of OS/2's video drivers. Alt-R (reset) makes the blinking stop. To avoid the problem altogether, don't use high-intensity background colors: DGRAY, LBLUE, LCYAN, LGREEN, LMAGENTA, LRED, WHITE, YELLOW.

Transferring OS/2 Files with Attributes

The SET FILE TYPE LABELED command allows OS/2 files to be transferred with all their extended attributes intact -- desktop material, icons, long file names on FAT partitions, etc. Consult the VMS appendix of "Using C-Kermit" for information on labeled file transfer.

Briefly, the idea is that an OS/2 file can be transferred from one OS/2 system to another with all its extended attributes intact. It can also be transferred to an intermediate (non-OS/2) system for archival, and later transferred to another OS/2 system and restored to its original form. An OS/2-specific SET FILE LABEL command is also provided for controlling how regular OS/2 file attributes are handled in labeled file transfers:


By default, all but ARCHIVE are ON. All of a file's attributes are always transmitted; this command tells the file receiver whether to pay attention to them (ON) or not (OFF). Use SHOW LABELED-FILE-INFO to display the values of these settings.

File Transfer Hints and Tips

Some communication software claims to implement sliding windows, but does so incorrectly. If sliding window transfers fail, set Kermit/2's window size to the smallest one that works, for example: SET WINDOW 1

SET FILE COLLISION UPDATE has the following peculiarity: On FAT (i.e. DOS) file systems, a file's date/time is recorded with a granularity of 2 seconds, whereas on most other kinds of file systems (UNIX, VMS, OS/2 HPFS, etc), it is recorded to at least the exact second. Thus when Kermit/2 records the timestamp of an incoming file, the "one's place" of its time is truncated. If it was an odd number, therefore, it will be one second "older" than the date/time of the original file. Downloading the same file again with SET FILE COLLISION UPDATE would result in a second, unnecessary transfer of the file, since the remote file would appear to be newer than the local file. Therefore, Kermit/2, when making this comparison, will treat two times as equal if (a) the local file's time is an even number, (b) the remote time is equal to (of course) or exactly one second greater than the local time, and (c) the local file system is FAT.

Using REXX

Kermit/2 for OS/2 has a REXX programming interface consisting of the single command, REXX. REXX

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0012-3437-A102BestCrypt NP driver 4.11 (3.0)BC-3304-8050-9FBFBGfax v1.30name/Me #/201258 pop/DFCA99E0Bicycle v1.3 bike 'alog on diskWWUXPQVYPBitcom v5.4cA271113Bitfax v3.09cA248258Bitfax/SR v4.06g and Bitcom v5.6dA006844633Blackboardname/Me bbs/ABC key/?G49(BlackBoard En/Decoder 1.0jake cwc 
668BlackBoard Encrypt Interfacejake cwc 
668BlackBoard PicVu 2.0jake cwc 
668Blastermaster v6.x(add to .BAT) SET SBMASTER=798-3240Bluewave v2.12name/Me #/77384318Bluewave 2.2piracy.fr 

dos : xgxx618P 
386 : xxd4i58p 
OS2 : X8LAJ38P

Bolo CD-version7000465510-LNKBookie Bookworm: All stories1-900-903-2665Bookmark Manager 2.1Registered Version 
164050BookwormUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 092W36P8JMHNFAYZHC9JBoot commander v1.27R302582-TTHYBoot'R v2.11name/"Your own" #/RH-004001-000Borland C++ v2.0 for OS/2BCP1420WW10180Borland Office v2.0 for WindowsIA332A10046950Bridge manager v0.33 for Windows373-0111-03BroadwayUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 099FTCUFQ5R7YXUHDC02Broadway From Sausage Soft.User Name: PoD 
Company Name : (Anything you Like) 
Expiry Date : (Leave Blank) 
Serial Number: 005KPEZ99DR694ADQ1R8Buromanager PRO v3.10E01188472020BusinessCardName: ED!SON '96 
Company: [UCf/Xf] 
Serial: 02054536
C.B.S.O v2.6SYSTEMCache Master95 Ver 1.02N:jake cwc 
R:2a682547CA Simply accounting v3.0a for Win1021602-52559CA Simply accounting v4.0b for Win1020602-212703Calendar v3.0 enterprises#/61001234 key/191715Calera wordscan v3.0BB3921343Calera wordscan v3.1 for WindowsHP3102305Caligari true space v1.1 for Windows3 10 001 026188CamShot 1.1ABC 
14058-17335Cantax for '95 v1.0 for Windows134-950128-0374079Canvas for Windows5035430458Canvas v3.52 for Windows485110842Canvas 5 UpdaterW000-754710Cardshop plus for Windows0729Caselinr 5.1jake cwc 
T0HUeLbELnCat 95 v2.02 cracked!FIND 81 7D E4 8E F3 14 02 74 0D 
REPLACE 81 7D E4 8E F3 14 02 75 0DCatdisk v7.xx(AUTOEXEC.BAT) SET CATDISK=XYZZYCatdisk v8.xname/Maroon code/G445000QIRCD-Quick cache v1.10NAME/**** KEY/****CD-Quick cache v1.11name/Me key/DF92CD-ROM update v0.3 beta(CDROM.REG) name/Me bbs/XXXCD/Specteum Pro 2.364222 
51095CGI*STARDUO95 Ver 1.2R:AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-7896385Chameleon NFS morpher v4.0134649640121147 S3,D7D0Chameleon NFS v3.14 for Windows3433223117197 P3 C4EDChameleon v4.x#/34059131041712 S3 key/A224Chameleon V5.034059131041712S3 
key:A224Chameleon NFS v4.534768840199594I3 2FA2Character Mate 1.1CMATE-21375Cheat for windowspiracy.fr 0 0 0 
3353OREST.SIGCheck It v4.0 and v5.0000-237032Checkit PRO (analyst) for WindowsA7-100163Checkit PRO analyst v1.0 for WindowsA7-100163Checkit PRO sysinfo v1.0A1-001725Checkit PRO v1.04 for WindowsA3-062402Checkit PRO v1.06 or 4.0+ /WindowsA4-115796Checkit v4.0+A7-100163Check Mail v1.02Gordon Liu 
5582-9144-35Chicago beta build 177betaside 
pw/999670C9EChines P 2.0 Plus for win95STAR20S00-6001432CICS v2.01 for OS/2 multi userUN74786CICS v2.01 for OS/2 single userUN74802CircSolver v1.0User Name : Registered User 
Reg. Key : 01ak4Z6DYZYkADCleansweep v1.0 for Windows115-25C-22620Clean Sweep 3.0 for WindowsCSWU3000072702CLEANSWEEP 95 FINALSERIAL #001-16C-26703CleanUp / windows95IN the OPtions / REgister menu Enter THe following Codes: 
name : -= +ALI-BABA =- 
ser #: 688399719833CleanUp Win95name/Free Registered Version #/637164661398 
name/Byte Ripper #/616579072624 
name/Phrozen Crew #/635290755798 
name/PC97 #/782703089265ClicketteName: Compu Terror 
Company: Anything you Like 
Expiry: Blank 
S/N:0C5Z2NZ43A8DXWX720KCClinical pharmacy for Windows9412345CliketteUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 07XQY6KX7F1X746B0VDZClip Mate v4.01Name: DjPaul [uCF] 
S/N: F6411605348ClockMan 95 v1.0.054Steve Hsu 
# Users:1 L:597451ClockTick v2.1.1Steve Hsu 
1402516080Close up host/remote v6.0 for Windows31B57D-1121111Closeup v5.0 for WindowsIBB463-852875ClysBarName: ED!SON '96 
Code: 142782CMed Ver 1.08dN:jake cwc 
R:EJAMFNBJEMCMed 2.1aCrack da WareZ 
BMBKEJANEJCM Viewer v3.1044718494P31Coach & Coach Pro1552467Color view v3.10name/Twinhead [TWH/BDC] #/378839Com 4.1Cracked 
376665-193920Comma net mail v2.50 for Windows19211134581-6CommandLine95Name: ED!SON '96 
Code: 901324CommandLine 96753868Comment1897867Comic-Soft 2.0pc97 
042566726433Commo 7.0 Crack MethodCOMMO.EXE 
56495 bytes(decompressed) 
FIND: 74 03 E9 5F CD B2 62 
EDIT: EB 03 E9 5F CD B2 62 
FIND: 74 03 E9 5E 5A E8 CF 
EDIT: EB 03 E9 5E 5A E8 CF 
FIND: 8B 0E E2 2C E8 E8 A0 
EDIT: 8B 0E E2 90 90 90 A0 
FIND: E8 DB A6 73 FB 75 F9 
EDIT: E8 DB 90 90 90 90 F9CommSuite 957000-7166-2080Compel PEASYM10288Complete program deleter v1.4 for win728679CompuPicName: Ronald Abarca 
Phone #: 7709859164 
S/N: RGM-SP8-W42CCompuPic32name:Me 
BBWKBBVEPCConference Room 1.3 betaF5EA-23E8-49D2-E689 
- Context v2.0 online dictionary Win04.4101.20Conversions plus for Windows904954-2539Conversions plus v2.0 for Windows11111111Conversions plus v2.53 for Windows983798-0308cool95Name:Skonk 
Key:XKBRXYSKCool edit v1.50 for Windowsname/You! #/BMJZCPUXCool edit v1.51 for Windowsname/COOL MAN #/XJMINCLECoolEdit V1.52JBXLKVGVCoolEdit V1.52piracy.fr 
osargadsCoolEdit 95Name:FATFAT 
Key:OOOEEIHECool Edit 96Name: tHATDUDE PC96 

Name: tHATDUDE PC97 

Name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 

Name: PhRoZeN CReW 

Name: Andre Lagua 

Cool Wave Editor 1.52tHATDUDE! 
VLLTICVTCopy-That v1.0name: razzia 
reg code: 6012010840222667180 

name: Registered User 
reg code: 60124454832856828398 

name: Phrozen Crew 
reg code: 6012752432752460

Corel flow v2.0 for WindowsSW-Q023-CF-ECorel Gallery v2.0 for WindowsCG2-020-123456Corel Photopaint v5.0+ for WindowsPP5-2522-97100Corel Ventura 5 for WindowsCD5-123-456789Coreldraw v4.0 NL for WindowsCD4-114-654-454 or CD4-234-345-567Coreldraw v5.0 for WindowsCD5-123-456789Coreldraw v7.0 for Windows123456789Coreldraw v5.0 rev. E2 for WindowsCD5-050-118034Corelflow v2.0 for WindowsCF2-123-456789Corstream dedicated Server v1.0CBA 0009432CPU Monitor plus v2.30 for OS/2 v2.1CPUP-V230-512073Cross EyesName: Computerror 
Company: Anything 
Expiry: Blank 
S/N: 0HP1J4Y2TZV1DBRPD6VTCrosseye 32User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 010KU7HPU6THQU039KH4CrossWords U Create 2.0two wafflesCrowd Control 1.18765220 
1111201Crypt-o-Text Ver 1.2R:963185*943436Crystal Caliburn Pinball9525CCW102365-U1Crystal graphics flying fonts for WinRB10-0140-1022CStar v1.0 for Windows4690289681360CU-seeme Enhanced V2.0SCNE-0016-OYB8-2QC4
D.B. Express v1.50 for WindowsPE15003-1194Dabbler v1.0 for Windows5011380-8195Daceasy EIS v5.0 for WindowsEI50X101175Daceasy for WindowsWA1IB111835Dagesh v2.0334 804 020 072 125DanatHATDUDE! 
0912-2349-A818DAO 2.4A 32bitLordByte in 1996 Company/mail 
Phrozen Crew 3191487656DAO 3.0ANAME : rANDOM 
COMPANY : United Cracking Force 
Serial : 647391Data access tools v2.0a for Windows1F00028-01104360Data junction v5.0 for WindowsW103100217Databoss "C"93-1207-000398Databoss v1.01 for Windows94-0202-000361Datacad estimator v4.25401-1092Datacad professional v5.05 (update)DC50C-8298Datamaker v2.0 for Windows104010201F6Data Widgets 2.0(for Visual BASIC & VC++)CD KEY: 0420-0100000-3218595 
Thanks to NETWALKDate 4.205884074Davinci E-mail v2.5252XVD-GBEUP-6BP3ADaytimer organizer v1.0 for Windows710000000Dazzle plus v2.1 for WindowsDP940235Dazzle plus v2.1b for Windows1234567Dbase III plus3745331-26Dbase IVKD712AA0000005Dbase IV for WindowsDA712A1047458Dbase IV v1.5WA711C10152190Dbase IV v2.0 beta 2KD712AA0000005Dbase IV v2.0 NLWA712C50000000Dbase IV v2.02IA 712A10518133Dbase IV v5.0 for WindowsDA712A1047458DCC PRO v3.02267109015De-Jumble16 V1.2454434343899Delrina CommSuite 957020-2175-6499Delrina Cyberjack 7.07000-7166-2080Delrina Preform v1.0 for Windows2201-8201-1029Delrina Wincom PRO v1.1 for Windows37Z59JDemo workshopOkware #/0AQ6M5RBRATPN8HN64K05IDeneba's Canvas for Win450059719Depleter 2.2Registered User 
85971DesignCAD 3D v8.06504 0024 1945Design estimator5055-2897DesignExpress LabelsRegistered User 
QYOBYTKDesktop Deluxe 1.0Phrozen Crew 
7050Desktop Solutions Ver 2.1N:jake cwc 
R:875025811946Desqview /X network manager v1.1003-V1-3616Desqview /X OSF/motif002-R1-1583Desqview /X v2.0754-X5X-14396Desqview 386 & QEMM 386001-32H-72414Desqview 386 v2.61 and QEMM 386 v7.02001-32H-72414Desqview 386 v2.7 & QEMM 386 v7.5114-22H-28256Desqview/X network manager v1.1003-V1-3616Desqview/X v2.0000-15X-011980Dial Up Magic 1.3Registered 
1045930556Dijiday Clock V1.6name: romeo'97 
s/n: 6792 (by Romeo)Digigrabber6776-3647-1143-4455Director 5DRW500-05977-37077-20615DirectNet 1.2+Steve Hsu 
19772-175382-2727-1324Disc-At-OnceName: ED!SON '96 
Company: [UCf/Xf] 
Serial: 601071078Diskdupe PRO 3 v7.x200-468-710DISK FACTORY 32 V2.0Name: Jism and Fast 
Code: 1328047687 Disk management system v6.1064232312Disk manager v6.03.03 Maxtor HD18002629867Disk optimizer v1.01 for Windows11111111DiskPlay 3.4.1Password: DFCP-324-WWCN2 
Serial: DP3-DURKDisktop 4.006412Disney Screen SaverDSW-91929-1488Distinct TCP/IP v3.21 for Windows#/AD00081094 key/78-17-DFDiz-it v1.3name/TwinHead [TWH/BDC] #/.156024Diz-it v1.3 PROname/TwinHead [TWH/BDC] #/489984DOCMan Ver 2.1R:KNJRUTDOCMan Ver 2.4KNJRUT 
IFNRUXDoghouse 1.2Me 
JDHUDDogs of War v2.0SteveHsu 
P:EQNNHLCFBKDogz8000-1830-9488DoKo for Omnis 5 runtimeDOKODoorway v2.22 - v2.30name/Me #/57604Double Dynamite 4.3884916Download Manager 95 v.105edit \WINDOWS\DownloadManager.ini and place the following in it 

Reg Code=DWNMANAG3112 

Dr. Salomon's antivirus toolkit v6.65TK2285817Dr. Salomon's antivirus toolkit v6.68TK2495340Dr. Salomon's antivirus toolkit v6.71DTK3H-063095Draftchoice v2.15a#/23-4234-9999 Name/SaLaManDeRDrag And File for Win95/NT7000000000Drag And View1111111115Drag And View 1.24DV02020202 
SaltineDrag And Zip1111111113 
3000000000Drag N Zip 2.0b3333333333Dream solver '95 summer editionname/Perry McGee #/3415037668882416Dreamrom v1.3name/Me bbs/XXX #/532DriveMan v1.14R:RWDIOUPDrive Pro v1.15cWBJK10Drive PRO v2.0/2.0cLAKS11Drive rocket utility v1.1500089549DTS-Mail/32 v2.02Name: ACP/UCF2000 
Serial: 433069166863 
- Dummy 16User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0RJD75H1VZR31R7UM5HXDummy 32User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0PM6NHPXE48Y2BUT9JVMDustman 2.00.103Registered 
EasyCD v2.21Name: :KaSBe-cSdSe-SfSSP-PRaSbUEasy Pool 3.0Steve Hsu 
92663ECCO, the PIM for Windows1101232620Eclipse fax v6.0 for Windows105-94452EcopadName: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] 
Code: 2302012561Editeur ver 2.3N:jake 
R:3B8AD2EAE4DE6A9AEdTex 2.3805??2??3?EdWin Ver 2.1MSK93492eFTP v1.0 for Win95JAKE 
BOOPIEEgor 2.aUser Name:Computerror 
Serial Number:0NY59XJXYM9ELDBLXJKLEgor 3User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0QHH6FUJXPRPTZ5X39V0Eight ball deluxe IIEZ001114301Elastic reality for Windows40-9831-11111-23361Elbow Grease 2.0LB098765AMFElectronic workbench v3.0e for WinW-00190-E99CEliashim's ViruSafe/DOS/WiN95/NT v7.1+++VS-0008432-18042074 
- E-Mail Notify v 1.20Internet:gbr@cais.com 
compuserve:73062,2742Emi clock for Windows95Name:Emi Clock 


Empowername/ADMINISTRATOR pw/ADMINEncore 3.0S/N: EV30-0-02032-3720Encore 4.0EV40-0-02034-9814 
EV40-0-02034-0059Enhanced Cu-See Me 4.1N:jake cwc 
R:14425Enhanced HTML for win95 Beta0.77r1SCBE-001Y-0J8R-SWCTEnforcer 2.9876855327801Entertainment digest for Windows2011-0021-3271ESL v4.0 for OS/2 and Windows3091300953Estimator plus for Windows5500-9466ESS-Code 7.5/7.6IQHRIPEssCode 7.7/32 bitASZLOTPMEssCode 7.8IQHRIP 
ASZLOTPMET2000 for Windows47422140 
62256346Eta beta 2.1 for WindowsSPGOYUBSGAEuro-compte v1.10ASZLOTPMEvolve v6.1 for ClipperEVC610401762Excalibur BBS server v0.84 for Win10021000002Excalibur BBS server v0.95 for Win100210000020095Exceed 4 v4.1 for WindowsW -059483Excel 7111-1111111 or 000-0000000ExCrak 2.0bCode: rosebudExCrak 2.0dCode: ED7ED!SON96XExecutor(Mac Emulator)S/N:2392023 
Key:zph42ruyvh9kpExtreme 3D45110-0171-0061-27832 
45110-0037-0012-60272Eye CandyIIIGEBFHMJNBeZiP v1.01/32bitType "jake" for FULL Registration! 
"boopie" For LiMiteD 
- EZ-Unzipper32 v2.55name: zircon / pc97 
serial: XPR-2925 

name: all 
serial: XPR-667 

name: registered user 
serial: XPR-3419

F(g) ScholarFG0021747120Falcon v3.0033624Family treemaker v1.01 for WindowsFTW11R64747Fantasy land v1.20bbs/XXX sysop/Me #/ABCD8178Fantasy photo collection for DOS/Win37200Far stone cache driver v2.X1-10501131Fast fonts v3.3 for Windows05-U08355Fast mail v1.20 beta a for Windows1502909616Fauve matisse v1.24 for Windows1733920Fax for Windows v3.0100401007520Fax-a-laugh v1.0GB001000Faxmaster v1.014304L-D00-999999LFaxserver v2.0 for Netware20FX 985466 or EV 1213767Fido QWK v1.25name/Me #/68571B8AFighter wing from Merrit studios1PKY6T89X2AFile force 1.0X-442540368699File magic professional v2.016-0012025Filecompress PRO v1.0 for Windows081494-001L-00P4093File Locker 2.373002-50134Filemaker PRO NL v2.x for Windows7000843902Filemark v2.00 betaname/Me #/214180166571461814535FileName Juggler 1.10Name: TKC/PC '97 
S/N: 12345 
P/W: 643C-256A-ADFA 

name: TKC/PC '97 
s/n: PC97 
p/w: 1662-256A-DFA4 

name: The Keyboard Caper/PC '97 
s/n: 12345 
p/w: 1124-5072-ADFA 

name: PhRoZeN CReW '97 
s/n: 12345 
p/w: 44B-451D-ADFA 

name: SPeCiAL PhRoZeN FoRCE '97 
s/n: 12345 
p/w: 5626-1770-ADFA 

name: SPeCiAL PhRoZeN FoRCE '97 
s/n: SPF97 
p/w: 3933-1770-C2EF 

name: SPF '97 
s/n: SPF97 
p/w: 7572-5B31-C2EF 

name: Raymond Foo 
s/n: PC '97 
p/w: 2B15-3F3D-F884

File Wiz 1.128013Final v3.0 for WindowsWFNA 106311Fine Print 1.26Name:hacker 
Code:6944-000000First aid v1.0 for Windows1002-0E7BFirst aid v1.2c for Windows#/1000-A1B1 pcode: AF10112CFirst Aid 95Product: af11120c 
Serial# 102c-fd2eFirst Aid Deluxe95 V3.01134-4385Fixed asset system v9.413060461Fix-It50150553FLameMask 2.6Steve Hsu 
00000000Flash 1.0User Name: Computerror 
Company Name : (Anything you Like) 
Expiry Date : (Leave Blank) 
Registration Key: 03N49031K2U3W8THZA78Flash 2User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 05FARB5VT29JUEZE9F29FlexED32 Ver2.0jake cwc 
976260262287FlexEd32 v2.0bCracked 
769806196900Flinstone cuckoo clock for Windows90500100-00123Folio viewer v3.0 for Windows30WVU1234567Font Control 1.23Steve Hsu 
22440Font ManSteve Hsu 
FCD 51120FONTMONSTER 3.5piracy.fr 

Steve Hsu 

Foxbase 1.1#/FMD027877 pw/EMZXPYEIFund Manager 2.0 for Win95Name: kOUGER! [CB4] 
Serial: 00000000 
Psw: jeekm9cfFractal design painter v2.0 for Win0700585AQKFractal design painter v3.0 for WinPW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001Fractal Design Painter 4PW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001Fractal Poser 1.03FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001Fractal Design Dabbler 2.04DW200RAZ0005245-RTJQ-001Fractal RayDream Studio 4.1SW-410-1-2847-62287Framebuilder for Windows04-0-01-01-4-0056A-916E2DFrame v2.01name/Me bbs/ABC #/MHHDC86WTSOJKEG8CV7QVLRGNBJ5F 
name/You bbs/*** #/K82FWWAST4QRKNMGKHCHC7E6VBTR7Frame It Ver1.14bN:jake 
R:4110Frame It Ver1.19N:jake 
R:8220Frame Gang<-----------copy from here-------------------------> 

User Name: Computerror 
Serial Number: 0H5DYCQR190RJ1YYT4VA 

<------------------to here-------------------------> 
Note: There must be a carriage return at end of serial number.

FrameGang 16User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 09RL3DEMK4AZA19KQNH2FrameGang 32User Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0D8ZUDFJMKKKBVTVY20DFramemaker v2.12-01320-27Framemaker v4.02 for Windows00-0-01-01-4-00C2F-3C9DB0Framework 400-0-01-01-4-0059E-2E00D2Free Cell Plus 1.1bSteve Hsu 
178488Freehand v4.0 for Windows03-003-00003 or 03-921-34311Free hand 7.0FHW700-70812-27097-26570FREETEL 1.01292-0039-0768-5802 or 1292-0005-6790-7837Frontdoor v2.11FD001123456FrontDoor v2.20a Multi Linename/Me s-input/34566 #/FFFF:8706FTP 2000Steve Hsu 
IKELSTC:EMFTP-Server daemon for Winsock v1.1 Win.Va7/onRUR./KermuFTP Serv-U 2.0Registrationkey: r8fZajeU3JY,ED!SON '96FTP Voyager dreeze 
code: 00002fb9 

Thanks to Daniel Cai.

FTPWolfname : madmax / pc97 
code : FW9797978-150521 

Thanks to Daniel Cai.

FullDisk v2.2Byte Ripper 
76951AC6Fusion DBL CD557-0251-01
Game of Stars 2.5WV9NBSGYGame wizard PRO v2.0bESD-GW-002001Gamma universe v1.03 for WindowsUV0103-000-43LPBSW-6548Gator Edit 1.2tHATDUDE! 
Key: 133343023GatlingUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0B776RWN76AFLT7ME1KWGeopublish graphic windows environment1000-0022-0278-1056German translation program45014774GetRight 1.0028191158200GetRight version 1.3Register code : 815000269493 
Thanks to Sheng-Hsung Hsieh 

Register code : 2185542550AB 
- Thanks to Maurizio Di Mattia

Ghost V1.6(1) License: MS518272 
Keynum: 51114 
Name : JESTRZ 
Add 1: PHROZEN CREW '96 
Add 2: PHROZEN CREW '96 

(2) License: BS963852 
Keynum: 52707 
Name : jake cwc 
Add 1: ml 
Add 2: ml

Ghost V2.14(1) License: BS963852 
Keynum: 52707 
Name : (anything you like) 
Add 1: (anything you like) 
Add 2: (anything you like) Gif Construction Set 1.0 NName:ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] 
Word:calwcalwGif Constriction 1.0 PED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] 
word:calwcalwGif Converter 2.1.162-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2Giflink#/GK123456445 name/BetamaxGiflink v2.01name/Me #/GK546354872Giflite#/GL123456689 name/BetamaxGiflite v2.0name/Me #/GL868695771GifLite v2.10name/Me! #/GL210000698Gin Rummy 4.2name : razzia [pc97] 
reg # : 527-633-627 

name : Phrozen Crew 1997 
reg # : 393-710-364

Girlfriend Teri240-104343Global TimeKeeper 1.6Steve Hsu 
g(?1JrW%)MGlobal war (any version)bbs/ABC #/GQ892HIRTFGGOLDED 3.0 ALPHASERIALNO:7777DK7 
REGISTERKEY:731E74072408340421751F527354752C1E0FGolden Hawk CDROM Recording Tools 3.0eUserName: Killer+Bee 
Company: Phrozen Crew 
Number: 2846170205Goldmine for Windo ws10576345Goldmine 9511428171950GoldWave Ver 3.21FN:JAKE 
R:QMKGJVGoldwave 3.0piracy.fr 
GEBCXCCGoldwave 3.22JAKE 
R:QMKGJVGo!Zilla v2.0Address: user@under.ground Reg#: L3WTALZGVZ 
- Thanks to aztecGraphics E-mail Ver 1.1c963152741 
A41152962Graphics workshopname/Me #/11811Graphics workshop v1.1j for Windows65535Graphics workshop v1.1p for Windowsname/>>>MarQuis De SoiR‚e<<< #26132Graphic Workshop 1.1uRegistration#: 29581 
Name: WareZoHolicS (Case Sensitive)Graphics workshop v6.1name/Okware #/13845Graphics workshop v6.x and v7.xname/Me #/5923Graphics workshop v7.0ename/Me #/05889Gravity verdict law officeGV-940606-6996-000111Great Plains AccountingMANAGER pw/ACCESSGrouper v2.0*poof* Regged! 
gr1dvGWD Text Editor 1.2GTExx/xxx-xxxGWS for Windowsname : REGISTER 
code : 15199
Hangman v2.0aName : Dr Schizzo 
Sreial : HANG-809-1324-1614Harvard graphics v3.0 for Windows16-0300-DSETHarvard montage v1.0 for Windows27101 0001211HEdit32Name: ED!SON '96 
Code: 22342Help development toolkit v2.5 for WinWQT7YZW6-HDKHelp FACILE 1.0Ref:59C6E220 
(by SNEM/DSK)Help magican PRO v3.0 for Windows97304.300.001Help Writer's AssistantSteve Hsu 
7319Help Writer's Assist/StdName: ED!SON '96 
Code: 4159Hex workshop 2.1 & 2.2piracy.fr 
JN11mARQHex Workshop v2.5x for Windows95MK121212Hi-Cross v2.6 for Windows#/67657 lic/163240Hijaack graphics suite for WindowsHGJS 3 SU CH EB0GSWUTHijaack PRO v2.0 and v3.0 for WindowsRYXJ595DHijaak pro 4S/N:32750D73Hippie v1.1+reg id: j0b [pC] 
serial: 000000R3X4XAF08Home design v1.1 for Windows0530140311HomeSite 2.0b3Steve Hsu 
688310348426HomeSite 2.5name: GASP 
code: 963720173220 

Thanks to Daniel Cai. 

name romeo'97 
s/n 900717307129

Holiday lights Ver 2.0N:JAKE 
R:JR55845Holiday Lights v2.35Name:BAREFOOT 
Reg#:WINGMANHorizon Web Text v1.0/32bitName: ACP! 
Code: 0047E76B 
- Horizon Web Text Ver1.06jake cwc 
00E026B9Hot Corner v1.2 for Windowsname: Me! 
s/n: 528-4326-727-161 

name: You! 
s/n: 806-7106-727-161 

name: 2U! 
s/n: 442-3466-727-161 

name: ED!SON 
s/n: 926-8306-1717-341 

name: ED!SON '96 
s/n: 1290-11946-1189-245

HotDog html editor for WindowsName: Pascal AMRAM 
Company Name:(what ever you want) 
Expiry Date: (enter blank) 
Serial Number: ODZN3AJFHX1U35KPJ8VZHot Dog Pro#/0DY1AWRZZL9MZ93JQ8WV 
Name/R. David StirlingHotDog Professional 3 32bitUser Name: PoD 
Company Name : (Anything you Like) 
Expiry Date : (Leave Blank) 
Serial Number: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PFHOTSPOT 2.0N:jake 
R:s400,913,*113Hslink DLP (for Procomm+ v2.x for Win)#/0001 code/BSB258HHslink external00654Hslink v1.21Hslink (brand) 1134 0136ZW0Hslink v1.21 beta 9#/123 
code/1E7H7P9HTML Notepad Ver 2.1N:jake cwc 
R:3502663730855869HTMLpad Ver 2.3N:jake cwc 
R:196203Hugo plus v8.0 for Windows#/096056 code/WIFR80 1094Hurricane v1.007-A17280Hurricane v2.007-A16491HyperMarker HTML 1.3Registered 
Codes: 1362368468, 1362417620, 1362483156HyperSnap 2.77Name: GLoW 
Serial: 1605214647Hypersnap§ 2.79Saltine [PC] 
203302157Hyperware speedkit v4.91SNFBBSUPD
L3enc909GCB0A091E-9L3enc 2.61 d11234DA75901230Labels, Cards & More V1.60Ajake cwc 
edit lcam.exe (872448bytes) 
search: FF 51 E8 6C 10 
replace: FF 52 E8 6C 10 
- Thanks to William. Labtech notebook v7.3.027539Lahey fortran 77 v3.0bB12858Landmark Datasafe crashproof v2.0 Win00213057 CULandmark INI expert for Windows00005536X1Landmark Speedtest v3.0 for Windows01703286SFWLandmark Wintest v1.0 for Windows01860489 TH9Lantastic 7.0 for9557050014479 
V#: 0ffc-011d-57daLaplink v6.0 for WindowsLW6USRT-100475-600/24LastByte Memory Manager v2.50name/Me! #/9F0BF89CLayer III1234DA75901230Launch12301-50/MNLemmings for Windows168255Liason 2.040026825185Lights95Barefoot 
Reg:WingmanLight chat v1.0name/Me key/2482430948Lightning CDLC110014980Lightning graphics C-version v4.0a004-922-C9D00LiquidFX Ver1.4N:jake 
(DS:5A1B44)Liquid FX 2.05/2.06Serial Name : Daniel Schwier 
Serial Code : WBLFDBHBPB 

Thanks to Thonas Su

Liquid speed v1.0.2 for 3DS12900388760114244102LL6aLW6USRT-100475-600/24Locksmith v1.31LOCK-1000Logitech mouse v6.30 for DOS and WinMBAI 008965T630Logitech mouse v6.43b for DOS and WinMBAI 013904T643LOGO 96N:jake cwc 
R:liahonaLOGO-SAVER v2.0farwellLogTick 4.5Steve Hsu 
3186706961.Lotus 123 for OS/21O00003-35389080Lotus 123 v5.02350016-38419880Lotus 123 v5.0 for Windows1F00028-01104360Lotus Approach v3.0 for Windows1F00028-01104360Lotus data access tools v2.0a for Win1F00028-01104360Lotus organizer v1.1 for Windows1Q00001-83927521Lotus organizer v2.0 for Windows1F00028-01104360Lotus screencam v1.1 for Windows2350016-0141988Lotus Smartsuite v3.0 for Windows1S10015-08473222Lotus VIP, visual basic type program1F00028-01104360Lsic 2.6drawoh_rehsifLunar FTP v1.1Enter the following into 'Enter Key' (Use Windoze cut-n-paste to make this easier.. This has to be exact in order for it to work). And YES, you have to include the two lines of starting and ending asterisks!!! 

SERIALNO: 78172285 

LView Pro 1C/95name/Nobody number/1090-000-005821LView Pro 1.D2/32N:jake 
R:0970-000-001551Leivwpro 1.D3Name:Steve Hsu 
1040-000-048843LWbullname/Me bbs/XXX #/17961493LWmenuname/Me bbs/XXX #/18192757LWusername/Me bbs/XXX #/18578197LW_mgrname/Me bbs/XXX #/18809461
Mac 2 PC PRO plus for Windows123456-1234McAfee Virus Scan6AE91A21Macpassword 3.8.0NOV30195MAY261951Macro model for Windows0428-4079-2071Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus 1.0S/N: BKA100-97985-77082-19426 
Thanks to TayMacromedia director v4.0 for WindowsDRW400-1895-9074-2077Macromedia Extreme 3DS/N: 45110-0037-0021-60272Macro Magic v1.2+uNLOCK cODES: 33556461 
- Mail Alert 1.55Registered User 
0590032841MailCallName: ED!SON '96 
Code: 4776329MailCat Ver 1.06N:jake cwc 
R:2480517772514337MailWatch 1.07Registered User 
100221218Magic v1.3315002688MagicNotes Ver 1.6N:jake 
R:460821Magic Notes V1.85Name:Byte Ripper 
98204850MagnaRam for 95011-18B-99630MagnaRAM 2.02 FOR WIN95006-18b-15395 
011-18B-99720Mannequin v1.110012345MapEdit 2.24BJJNBKBAMapple V v3 for DOS and WindowsDOS-5203-676023-1Marvel screen posters for WindowsMVW-92958-1201Master JugglerMVW-92958-1201MasqueradeCode: TwiddleMathBee 1.0RCLAB_342454_MATHBEEMathcad v5.0 for WindowsP501069D00368Mathematica v2.1 for Windows2549-51771-93417-6270Mathematica v2.21 for Windows5870-34471-82354-3005MatheMatica 3.0Steve Hsu 
3966910918-61019-254Matlab v4.0 for Windows335339Mattise v1.5.21733767Mayor BBS v6.25NWGEEGD9JMcafee 2.090000-CSFQ-B4YHMcAfee Scan v1.00.306001-2JBW-8YIAMeasurement Converter version 1.0.71Name: BLiTZ 
Serial: 200-6002-0259-8192Mechwars v1.9gsysop/Me bbs/XXX #/XA0N4TA4BUQBMediaBlaze Ver 2.01N:jake cwc 
R:KxP1123MediaBlaze Ver 4.02N:jake cwc 
R:KxP1123Media changer Deluxe 3.6Name: yhq-1997.05.30 
- Media studio beta for WindowsABETA-40490-29051Media studio v1.0 for WindowsNNAEA-40721-02586Memory Anglyst Ver 1.0N:jake 
R:MA1233Mentor plus flite star 10/939243210MetaFix 2.2Registered 
Code:14636879METZ Lock 4.0LTN788Metz NetrieverSerial: ED!693Microangelo 2.0Name/Misha SERIAL/S2776247 Microangelo for Win95 v2.1Name/CracK Da WareZ 
#/S970309MicroController Stimulator 2.1madmax! 
pc97FBQUYMicrofocus/370 assembler v3.1.16URNB0UPP/000000000Micrographic picture pub v5.0 for WinNTA-NTA-01AMicro Media Director 5.055777-37077-29378MicroPlanet Gravity Ver 1.00.464Search:85 C0 75 4F C6 45 FC 01 
Replace:85 C0 74 4F C6 45 FC 01 


MicroPlanet Gravity 1.01.5jake cwc 
R:212121bth811112Microscope v5.06MS-1231393Microsoft Great greetings v1.0 for Win32521-082-0109954Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0 betaName: 200042 
S/N: 16FC87aa2Microsoft Money v2.01 beta for Windows00-105-0200-99999979Microsoft Money v3.5 (german) for Win20342-066-0023392Microsoft Money 97 5.0425-0153147Microsoft Office PRO '9526716-103-0145657Microsoft Office PRO v4.3c for Windows28779-051-0101444Microsoft Planner for Windows076-051-090Microsoft Theme Createjake cwc 
539-90546Microsoft works v3.0 NL16429-020-0000284Microstation00088193000085Microstation CAD v5.08 for DOS and Win6362-CURRY-FRIKAMicrostation powerdraft CAD v5.5.0.500088193000085Microstation v5.00.95 (5.1)SGBXI48AB-0500AMidisoft Sound Bar v1.0 TESteve Hsu 
SNDBAR-Middle Mouse Button 1.9.0eSteve Hsu :Dynasty 
DCS1963A9ACMi'Mail Ver 1.2N:wench@ms1.hinet.net 
R:ENv3yVdyMinitab v9.2 for WindowsW92006400Mirage raytracing engine for 3D studio942559MiRC v4.5 16bit & 32bitNAME: mIRC Supporter 
#: 1869-196544mirc4.6Name: Cracked 
Serial : 9696-1070977MIRC v4.72Steve Hsu 


Mod 4 Win 2.xxUser Name: Registered Version Reg. 
Code: 308435988047381282Mod4win v2.3Name: Shere Khan 
Company: KSB, Ltd. 
Code: 430278180632329310Modem docter v5.2M4B00635Monarch for Windows1003818Moneymap financial director for Winpassword/CASHMonster Truck Madness450-0535503Moremem4Name:REGISTER 
Code:A0F58CB2More Than Words v3.0Steve Hsu 
X37-222-733-37xMorphbar 32 / 1.4madmax! 




Morpher for WindowsName: ED!SON '96 
Serial: 97044Morphing magic0-672-30320-5 2Mortice kern sys. 3.1 DOS/Win (6users)3041129678More Than Words 3.0 for Windows 95Name: whatever you want 
S/N:X37-222-733-37xMouseClock 2.0MCREG2Mouse Odometer 1.12/Win31Registered Version 
1512200088MouseTrapUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 09NKW4Q5TWTCPMK8P5WAMovie Credit 1.2Steve Hsu 
gTth7ZMTx1MP3 Encoder1234DA75901230MsiceNAME:CRACK 
PASS:ZRNYSJUTMSIE 4.0200042 16fc87aa2MS Works 4.0 For Windows 9533977053011175600000Multiedit v7.00eME700E111111Multimedia solutions205521Multiple Document Editor 2.420529Musicator Audio v1.0999-99999-49867Music magic songbook v1.0 for Windows932667-2198Music time for WindowsMV20-0-02045-8738My advanced label designer2223-87357My advanced maillist and addressbook2123-42935My Card File21529My invoices2643-20966My Movies 1.2036529My Personal Diary 5.60Bjake cwc 
MPDIARYNEW495My-T-mouse v1.30 for WindowsFT 1305766Mystery at the museums0340151
Name-IT30130149Natural v2.1.1 for WindowsNW12118855322257Navcis PRO v1.5 for WindowsMC-9267NavRoad Offline HTML Browser v1.41a/32Target: nroad32.exe (528,384 bytes) 

search: FF 84 C0 74 43 8B 
replace: -- -- -- 75 -- -- 

search: C3 84 DB 74 2F 66 8B 
replace: -- -- -- 75 -- -- -- 

search: 84 5D F3 75 07 C7 45 
replace: -- -- -- 74 -- -- -- 

search: 3B 45 E8 75 0C 0F 
replace: -- -- -- 74 -- --

Neobook PRO v2.0b4711081MIQOEOB or 7753889AHULQWJNeopaint v1.11312649GQISPSVNeopaint v2.02233445HPKTNSR or 9876543OVOWASPNeopaint v2.12039485HNKZNWRNeopaint v3.0 and v3.147110815LMPJVQNeopaint v3.2Name/TWH #/1996000AJLOHOTNeoshow PRO v1.00123456THTJNQNNeoshow PRO v2.02115868RUJISNVNeoshow PRO v2.54711081WUIJTRCNeoShow Pro 2.6f9872986USZOWSH 
1957168KVMRXUJNeopaint v3.2Name/TWH #/1996000AJLOHOTNeoSoft phantom screensaver v1.2b4711081WIRJUUNNetattachMCA 96 
Code: DXR5MAVCUZAPVVYNetBarSerial: 176504404807540 (15 digits)Netcom netcruiser v1.0 internet91629NetManager ECCO Professional040-0666555NetObjects Fusion5029502950295029 
unlock:8392970931304819Netpal 1.00eN: Pith Possum 
S: 2231312 

N: PHRoZeN CReW 97 
S: 1221918 

N: ME! 
S: 1518215 

N: . 
S: 327680

Net Road HTML BrowserSteve Hsu 
02641708-3709Netroom v3.002-R809678Netscape Cache ExplorerID:Hacker 
SN:]X]J]NXXNetScape Provider Maintenace v1.20Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 
Password: G3EA87A6NetTermName: ED!SON '96 
Code: kqqk55iqNetTerm v3.2.1 32bitsID:Hacker 
SN:52ca58f2NetTerm V4.04netterm 
821k3u71Nettool Ver 1.3FN:jake 
R:33-75841Network plus02-AU1-0726C-0RNR-002-20052Network Toolbox Ver 1.0N:jake 
R:80oe824tNeverending disk v2.1NDO101841NewsBotName: ED!SON '96 
Code: OBLAEARDNewsBot 3.3name/ByteRipper@phrozen.crew.96 code/jggsyoeb 

name/PhrozenCrew@Efnet.#PC96 code/shvppkmt 
name/FreeRegisteredVersion@my.house code/qrwaybpd 
name/TKC@phrozen.crew.96 code/egqrsobw 
name/tHATDUDE@phrozen.crew.96 code/ykmjdwwy

NewsBot 3.3name/ByteRipper@phrozen.crew.96 code/jggsyoeb 

name/PhrozenCrew@Efnet.#PC96 code/shvppkmt 
name/FreeRegisteredVersion@my.house code/qrwaybpd 
name/TKC@phrozen.crew.96 code/egqrsobw 
name/tHATDUDE@phrozen.crew.96 code/ykmjdwwy

News Robot v4.0ED!SON '96 
OBLAEARDNJStar v1.20.15Mad Pig 
Company:Hacker Studio 
55172823Norton administrator for networksM5NA15XG10410213Norton textra connect v1.1A7881492178Noteworthy Composer 1.30dMe! 
345-014-101834NotifyMail v1.0.2 (32 bit) for Windows 95NOTIFY.EXE 
465408 bytes 
find : F7 F9 5E 8B E5 
modify : 33 C0 5E 8B E5NovaDisk+000000000000000 
666668ZZZANovell DOS 7.0 personal netware v1.0S6-004001-001Novell perfect office v3.0 for Windows1P030XW00010110ZNovell personal netware (5 users)23660970Nowhere Man's Virus CreatorARoseIsARoseIsARoseNT 4.0040-0556784Numerology Star Reader 3.0634237Numerology Star Reader 8.0run regstr.exe and enter: 383757Nupaint10111220
Pack It Up 4.02TY7E687W12R83 
2ER456Y78L9Pagemaker NL v5.0 for Windows02-50C8-100094310PageMaker 6.003-3002-000062275PageMaster 2.01Cracked 
6944-2132-550PAINTR 4CPW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001Paint Shop Pro 4.12Name:ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] 
calwcalwPanoramic utils v1.1111-976-0001513-01Paper direct templ. v5.0 for Corel Win606771Paper direct templ. v5.0 for MSWord v6608813PaperMan 1.29583Paradise Slots v1.2649513Paradox speller for WindowsCM55022999Paradox v4.0 for WindowsIA931A10158034Paradox v4.5 for WindowsIA931A10000162Password Tracker 2.12Name:(whaterver you want) 
Regcode:PT239133PC Anywhere v4.5 for DOS and WindowsPCDH4543INPC Auto strecken berater netz (german)0000108995PC Blox v2.0080594PC Board professional v15.21029617PC Buchhalter v1.01 (german) for Win8848 5060295PC-Cillin 95P1-033436PC-Cillin 97T2-0036065PC Doktor v1.01139610360PC Focus v6.01 NL1732221PC Miler v1.0 for WindowsW410626PCsweep Ver 3.54N:jake 
R:PS8+752A0010000000354PC Tools v2.00 for Windows11-50-01415PC/TCP Network v3.0 for DOS/Windows#/1990-1025-7300 key/3751-6732-9871PC/TCP v1.1 for Windows and DOS#/3917-3337-0007 key/3776-9499-4365Pckwik powerpak for DOS and Windows5062180192V09PCX-Dump 9.1+ / DOSName: ACP! 
Code: YTMAR9C71CD7B42E7 
- PCX-DumP v9.2name/Me! 
#/YTMAR0A14DCA0EC27Peachtree accounting for Windows9257595Peachtree complete accounting v8.09005635Peachtree v7.07807139Perfect Keyboard 1.0349797215763Perfectscreen Ver 1.6N:jake 
R:195079869453Perfectview NL v6.10PV-PAC61-260159Perfectview v6.1PV-PAC61-NT260119Perpetual Calendar 2.2.03CM-11193Pharlap TNT 32 BIT DOS extender v6.027146Pharlap TNT 32 BIT DOS extender v7.030875PhoneDeluxe 1.0HTW100R7106474-426 
HTW100R7108267-350PhotoImpactGIF SmartSaver Ver 1.1aussabout.dll 
Search:85 C0 0F 85 99 00 00 00 8D 45 EC 
Replace:85 C0 0F 84 99 00 00 00 8D 45 ECPhoto magicPH1001LXX-04526PhotoShop 3.0.4PWW300R1111025-329PhotoShop 3.0.5PWW300R3000011-926PhotoShop 4.0 Beta KeyNAME: tHE riDDLER 
SERIAL: PWW300R3000011-926 
BETA CODE: f17479d251e51aa7d1d3eb7bfd7f3dee PhotoShop 4.0PWW400R3000011-880Photostyler v2.0 for Windows15-2008-201748321Physik v2.0PHYSIK+V2.0WWW94PicaViewzircon / pc97 
090998031PicaView 32 Image Viewername : zircon / pc97 

name : registered user 
serial : 725545449

PicViewer 3.112529PictureAgent 2.6xName: iCEMAN [uCF] 
Code: 8525600 
- Picture publisher v4.00301001006108501Picture publisher v5.0 for WindowsNTA-NTA-01APKZIP`S AV Serial No.Registered to (Company Name):World Wide Web 
Authentic Files Verified! NO.:YER114 
Serial #1:0tylty1 
Serial #2:1eovyxiPlug-in v2.0 for Windows136-92031109Plug In 2.5x for WindowsName:REGISTER 



Plug In 2.6 for WindowsName:12345678 
Code:14231471PMComm v2.30 32 bit for OS/24618110594PMMAILName: Someones 
Code: 2288740719PolyView Ver 2.60.3N:jake cwc 
R:1328385533Poly View 2.70name:Guess Who? 
3912330379POPit 1.3POPIt User 
573185348PopUp CalenderNuZiN'Pc97'RiSE 
(DS:4235C8)PowerDesk ToolBar v1.1/32bitName: [ACP] 
Comp: Phrozen Crew! 
- Powerdrive v6.0 for WindowsU60041006398Power management v2.02 for DOS and WinKWW687480PowerMarks v1.02/32bitName: [ACP] 
Code: AJ00H7 
- PowerMarks v 1.2Registered 
VUKS5MPowerPlot/Lite v4.098HJ-YY-U762Power PPL v2.0fname/Me lname/XXX #/442:264:146PowerStrip v3.0animalPractica Musica00215052Prairie Dog Hunt PRO 97Steve Hsu 
F609Prefet ScreenSuper User 
16889311967Premiere v1.0 for WindowsMBW100X3100970-389Preprint11-1009-200021734PrintScreen95Just edit c:\sysval.386 and put there 9999999999 and you can run the program 999... times.Print Screen 95 v4.0216803453Procomm plusPW10091107Procomm plus for WindowsPW10467543Procomm plus v2.0PP20116382Procomm plus v2.0 for WindowsPPWU2000081467Procomm plus v2.11 for WindowsPPWU2100077294PROCOMM 3.0betaPPWU3000081467Procomm Plus V4.0PPWU4000211994Profesional draw3000045840Project manager workbench v2.0 for Win120344Pronto 96cOPYCaT 
4pf6mh8kProntomail 95 Ver 3.0N:POP 
R:m3pq8jqcProverb Screen Savername tHATDUDE 
address (whaterver you want) 
reg# is: PSS-5PSearch v4.4aname/GaRY D. [UCF] #/000000138PsxvideoSteve Hsu 
- Psychidelic Screen Saver 3.063827 
64222PTT Phonebook dec. '94 CD-ROMD2865PTT Phonebook sept. '94 CD-ROMH3435
R&R Report writer v6.0 for Windows65793Ragtime 3.0#/6601120 Production#/8739401Ramexam5432189569Ramexam v7.0190060814060Random Password Generator 6.0Steve Hsu 
5vEd9A3mxmRandom Test Generator 1.4Steve Hsu 
00007ttrSwRAR v1.54 betaname/!YOU! 
#/A9BC77E742FBCA1995RAR V2.0name: REGISTER 
code: 0B9ADDF567B740RAS ProName: edison cracking 
Code: 536685RAS Profession Ver 0.63N:chiou wen chune 
R:570096RASprofession v 1.3jake cwc 
R:DYWFJBHARASPls95.exe Beta 4 Build 128 cracked!1. 
search : 0F 8D 0A 00 00 00 B8 01 00 00 00 
replace: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 00 -- -- -- 
Without Time Check 

search : 8D 8D CC FE FF FF E8 22 D4 03 00 83 F8 01 
replace: -- -- -- -- -- -- B8 01 00 00 -- -- -- -- 
No Nag Screen 

search : 6A 00 68 10 27 00 00 
replace: -- -- -- 00 00 -- -- 
No Delay

Ray dream designer v3.xDW-313-1-8686-4776RayDream StudioSW-410-1-2865-7667ReachOut Fastest RA 6.71031-0123-4567-8934Reachout remotecontrol Pro4.04 DOS/Win000646264Reachout remote control v5.01031-1100-0000-0000RealAudio 3.0Plus0094-32-4766 
0106-50-6213RealOrche v1.2Registered User 
serial: A2-3Z56-89012-840Real Video BlackJack 4.1179581Real Video Poker 4.2586491Real Video BlackJack 4.1179581Reclaim-it 2.0RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375Reclaim It 2.3RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375Recognita plus v1.0 for WindowsA46AW422604388Recognita plus v1.25 for WindowsA46IW422685241Recognita v1.0 for WindowsA46AW422604388Redneck RampageCheat Codes (during the game): 

RDALL - Get all Stuff 
RDCLIP - No-Clipping Mode 
RDELVIS - Get Invicible 
RDFRAME - Display Frame-Rate 

The Cheat Codes doesnt work in Skill 4 (KILL BILLY). 

Hex-Cheats (edit game?.sav): 

If your Savegame-Description is exactly 5 Chars long, then: 

1Ah(-1Eh) - Desc. (the 5 Chars!) 
10h(-14h) - # of Players (must be 01h in a one player game) 
40h(-43h) - Skill (01h = WUSS, 02h = MEEJUM, 03h = HARD ASS,04h = KILL BILLY) 
2Ah(-2Dh) - Episode (00 = 1, 01 = 2, ...) 
36h(-39h) - Level (00 = 1, 01 = 2, ...) 
Have phun!

Regognita GO-CR v2.1UI23C2029043Remote access pro v2.01PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045Remote Access Pro v2.02 (250 nodes)PF026549CB0002319A0045Remotely PossibleA0002-B96C7-6AF7-6F 
10002-B1D27-87B5-6FRemove it v1.010022814Remove It v2.020148045Remove-It 3.020331296Rems property manager 500 v3.092336 1/2Renderman for Windows1114897156ReVoL Web Work Ver1.2N:jake cwc 
(DS:51634C)RiadaVivo v1.00b2 Build 32Name: Killer+Bee 
Number: YTZ2IDPC0Rich Win 4.3RWA0-579461-0194Roadtech v1.0A5-171754Rock & Bach studio v1.00247942Roland Virtual Sound Canvas VSC-55 Trial VersionModify vsc.dll (¦b Windows ¥Ø¿ý¤U) 
Search: 01 00 05 00 01 00 (²M°£¸Õ¥ÎºX¼Ð) 
Change: 00 -- -- -- -- -- Route 66 for Windows28424XVMH0333Route 66 for Windows benelux.map2316FSFE74625Rumba mainframe connect v4.0 (4 node)00491097RZSplit for Win95 1.472266
Safety Net Pro 5.2jake cwc 
2765,,pia,511Safety Scan 1.611082766SafetyScan v2.012649456Sax Webster Installer/32BitJKAP or JZAQ or IIBR or IXBS... 
- SBnews Robot Ver 3.3N:wench@ms1.hinet.net 
R:DAKXPUZFSCO Open server v4.21#/2BF016051 key/UQQFGHCDSCO Unix NFS v1.1.0#/ING000045 act.Key/JQQBRMYCScreenarioCode: CD328377Screen-Blocker 95tHATDUDE PC 
227167107ScreenPix 1.2rockoScrnSaveSwitch/Plus 4.0022766SDD53yeh 
B0B5A-DB63E468-5BDA0SeaScape 3.0Registered Version 
DBHRRWTYZWSB7Second Copy 97Steve Hsu 
HELPMEPLEASESecond-friend v5.0TR5012853Select time v2.0W894S91K4Semware editor prerelease3001005027Send M@ail 1.02Registered User 
200347890Ser green screen/power saverSKY797128Server dat v4.0 program manager301062Server-U 2.2Serv-u.ini [GLOBAL]RegistrationKey=r8fZajeU3JY,ED!SON '96Set Me Up 2.2dsmu30835780782509Shadow login v1.2bname/Me #/144901579SHEll Wizard 95 v1.724715SHELLWIZARD PRO 2.0piracy.fr 


Shez (all versions)CDCE1357017562Show URLHsu Wang 
02608393-5628SlideShow Pro 1.1DAGNYSLMAIL 2.1sERIAL nUMBER: 2451390788 
aCTIVATE kEY : 8E20AA50Slmail for NT 2.22451390788 
Users:31412SideBar v1.0 for Windows000-19T-83189Sidekick v2.0 for Windows32-4644Simpson screensaver for WindowsKAW-64331-1262 or ZQW-33671-7329Sins for sirds v1.1 for Windows1371078SIO v1.45 16 port version for OS/2name/Joseph Urban #/10010205Site FXUser Name: Xerox's CompuTerror 
Serial Number: 0K6T6URF2W1W125TCJZ3SitePad Pro 1.0.2ID : razzia [pc97] 
key code : 0013774224 

ID : Phrozen Crew 1997 
key code : 0014191232

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

What’s New in the VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number?

Screen Shot

System Requirements for VX Rexx for Windows 2.0 serial key or number

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