Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

Microsoft Office 2000 Cd Key Generator Rating: 4,5/5 4856 reviews

Generate random alpha, numeric, or both, CD keys for software distribution and registration. A maximum key length of 48 characters may be generated. Windows XP Product KeyContents1 Windows XP Product Key2 How to Find the Window XP Product Key3 What to Do If That Method Refuses to Work?4 Is Serial Key Needed For Windows XP Installation5 Do You Need A Windows XP 32-Bits or 64-Bits Key?6 How to Use Windows XP Product Keys Windows XP is part of Continue reading Windows XP Product Key Free For 32/64 bIT Latest. Cd key generator free download - CD Key Generator, CD Key Maker, Quick Key Generator, and many more programs. Search and identify installed CD key of Windows XP. Recover your Windows. Use a free Windows XP serial key. If you can’t find your serial key using the above method — or maybe you just don’t want to install a shady app on your PC — you can use a free Windows XP product key. This method is simple, as you only need to scroll down and copy a serial key to proceed with the installation of Windows. Windows xp cd key generator free download.

This release was created for you, eager to use Office 2000 Professional 2000 full and with without limitations. Our intentions are not to harm Office software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. This should be your intention too, as a user, to fully evaluate Office 2000 Professional 2000 without restrictions and then decide.

If you are keeping the software and want to use it longer than its trial time, we strongly encourage you purchasing the license key from Office official website. Our releases are to prove that we can! Nothing can stop us, we keep fighting for freedom despite all the difficulties we face each day.

Jan 13, 2020 Microsoft Office 2000 Crack + Product Key Free Download. Microsoft Office 2000 Crack is the best utility with unique features and tools. So all the time, Microsoft’s products are the best and most reliable & extra robust than previous versions. It creates the best functions & package for us. So this is the latest version of Microsoft product with a new look & feature. Well, I have another list of Windows 98 and SE keys, also from around the web: Some Windows 98 CD Keys you can try are: VYK42-6KXD9-2C333-3D898-J97HP R3TQR-PQTKG-HBVQ9-YBFH3-CGCRT worked with German full, English full (OEM), UK Edition, Compaq English, Spanish Full, Dutch, Compaq and IBM Recovery CDs.

Last but not less important is your own contribution to our cause. You should consider to submit your own serial numbers or share other files with the community just as someone else helped you with Office 2000 Professional 2000 serial number. Sharing is caring and that is the only way to keep our scene, our community alive.

  1. Usually, Microsoft's 10 (or 11) digit CD Key is very easy to make. Just enter any random CD keys and you'll soon (probably in few minutes) end up with a valid CD key. Or, If it is 10 digit CD Key, just take the XXX-YYYYYYY part of your Windows product key.
  2. Apr 18, 2017 Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 CD key: KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8 V9MTG-3GX8P-D3Y4R-68BQ8-4Q8VD Microsoft Office 200. Driver Booster 4 v2.0.1.272 2EC72-368A4-5E4E9-D54A1 Turn off the internet for the serial to work.
  3. Microsoft Windows 2000 ADVANCED SERVER S/N: RM233-2PRQQ-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB Microsoft Windows 2000 PROFESSIONAL WITH SP1: DDTPV-TXMX7-BBGJ9-WGY8K-B9GHM Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit CD-KEY: TCJC7-H2QDH-3T7G7-R6RTM-YRK3Y.
  4. Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key Generator + Crack ISO Full Version. Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key Generator is a modern tool. Released nowadays with a lot of advance option. Setup is the free week ago to maintain the official authority and has a lot of new things included in it.
  5. New Serials Compilation. December 2010 edited August 2017 in Software. Microsoft Office 97 CD Keys: 8068 - 21 - 02 - 31 - 31 - 11201D2 0701 - 07 - 0057484. Windows 2000 Pro ISO CD-KEY XFD2W - W7VH8 - MVC47 - KY7DQ - P8Y4J.

Microsoft OEM Numbers

I am no fan of Microsoft for a lot of different reasons which I won't gothrough here. However, one of the things that I think is so insaneis the silly OEM registration sheets that they ship with CDs. Anyonewho is thorough enough to copy a CD would certainly copy the OEM registrationnumber. However, the average guy who just files the CD away after asuccessful installation may very well separate the actual CD from the littlesheet with the OEM regsitration number. Fortunately just aboutany Microsoft OEM registration number will do. So this web siteis to help out people who have legitimately bought/received a Microsoft CD(OEM variety), but have lost their sheet with the registration number. If you purchased your MS CD software separately (it did not come withyour computer), you need to follow the link to MS CD Keys.That link may also be useful if you have current OEM software that uses thelatest 25 character keys.

Can you help me?

I am now preparing a suit against Microsoft for misrepresenting their copyrightsunder the DMCA and so on. I also believe that their CD keys are primarily intended to defraud consumers from their legal rights to use the software (in thehope that they will lose the CD keys and have to buy another license, this timedirectly from Microsoft). So, I would like to include a class action suit ofconsumers who:

Microsoft Office 2000 Cd Key Generator 2019

  • purchased a computer with OEM licenses,
  • lost their key,
  • had to reinstall their software, but were blocked by Microsoft key validationsoftware, and
  • either
    • purchased an additional license at a store (hence were defrauded byMicrosoft) or
    • used information on my site to permit them to reinstall their legallypurchased software
If you are a U.S. resident (preferrably of upstate New York) and can documentyour purchases as above (what a pain), please send me an email atbrian@brian.carr .name(take out the space). I will need your full name and address for inclusionin the suit (as a co-plaintiff). Eventually you will need to provide mewith a signed declaration that you purchased the computer and the other thingsabove (I will write up the declaration for you) as wellas documentation of your purchases. Thanks for any help you can provide.For OEM software (came with your computer), try this:

(sometimes there are only four zeros in the last section)

This OEM number has worked with:
  • Automap Streets Plus
  • Flight Simulator 98
  • Monster Truck Madness 95
  • Office 97 Professional Edition
  • Outlook 98
  • Publisher 97, an alternative is 99999-OEM-0000000-00000
  • Windows 95 (also German A)
  • Windows NT Workstation
  • Works 4.5
  • Works Suite 99 with Word (Gateway Essential 500)

Please send me an E-mailbrian@brian.carr .name (but don't forget to remove the space).if you find other CD's that it works with as it is very easy to typeand often works.

Microsoft Office 2000 Cd Key Generator Reviews

Another easy to remember one you can try is:


Product Key Office 2000

It worked with:

  • Golf 3.0
  • Flight Simulator 98
  • Money 95 and 97
  • Works 4.0
  • Works 4.5 (works on XP and even Vista)
  • Word 97, German Version
  • Publisher 98 (Gateway OEM)

Another easy to remember one you can try is:

Microsoft Office 2000 Product Key


This one worked with:
  • Flight Simulator 98
  • Microsoft Entertainment Pack, Puzzles Collection 1997 (works on XP)
  • Office 95
  • Windows 95
  • Windows NT

This first part of the OEM number is for the OEM ID. For example,01297 is for Dell. It isrumored that any five digits should work.

SiteGround uses key pairs for SSH authentication purposes, as opposed to plain username and password. More information on SSH keys is available here. You can generate an SSH key pair in Mac OS following these steps: Open up the Terminal by going to Applications - Utilities - Terminal. Sep 26, 2019  Manually generating your SSH key in macOS. You generate an SSH key through macOS by using the Terminal application. Once you upload a valid public SSH key, the Triton Compute Service uses SmartLogin to copy the public key to any new SmartMachine you provision. DSA keys will work only if the private key is on the same system as the CLI. Generate ssh key pair.

Please send me an E-mail to brian@brian.carr .name (but don't forget to remove the space)if you find MS products that it works with as it is very easy to typeand often works. One person had to use 01297-OEM-0123456-01234 to getWindows NT 4 server to install.Another you can try is:


I am not sure what CD this is from,but I am compiling a list of all Microsoft applications thatthis OEM registration number works with. If you have a CDfrom Microsoft that was sold through a retailer, followthe link to MS CD Keys shown above. This OEM registrationnumber has been used with:
  • Compaq QuickRestore (Presario 4770)
  • Office 4.3
  • Office 97 SR1
  • Streets Plus
  • Windows NT 3.51, IBM Thinkpad
  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • Windows 95 with USB, Fat32
  • Windows 95 Plus, Sony Vaio
  • Works


works with:
  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • Works 4.5

Please send me an E-mail(brian@brian.carr .name (but don't forget to remove the space)if you find other CD's that it works with.

If the above doesn't work, you could try:


This OEM registration number has been used with:
  • Office 97 Pro
  • Windows NT for Thinkpad 600E
  • Windows NT 4.0 Server
  • Windows 95 Toshiba Laptop
  • Word 97
  • Works Suite 99


orThis OEM registration number has been used with:
  • Encarta 99
  • Golf 3.0
  • Money 99
  • Publisher 97
  • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
  • Works 4.5a
If the above doesn't work, you could try:


This OEM registration number has been used with:If the above doesn't work, you could try:


This OEM registration number has been used with:
  • Office 97
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 95 Plus!
  • Windows 95B
For Windows 95 OEM there is:


This OEM registration number has been used with:Another few to try are:
  • 12345-OEM-1234-567-12345 worked with Monster Truck Madness, Office 97 and SQL Server 7
  • 01000-OEM-0000-095-00000 works with Win95 USB and Work Suite 99
  • 13895-OEM-0000716-26147
  • 22798-OEM-0036165-88512

Microsoft Office 2000 Cd Key Generator 2020

With Windows 98, there seem to be different keys for differentproduction runs. Yuck. However, I only have a few OEM Windows 98 keys. Try:

  • 15895-OEM-0001411-08586
  • 20195-OEM-0002516-95789-198-0595423
  • W7PR6-XQ3GC-H23YP-WF94P-X7VGG (also French, Dutch and Finnish)

Office 2000 Professional (service release 1) has adopted thoseterrible 25 character keys. Here are a few that I have:

  • MBBFP-F29C8-KTCVW-VG6HP-D7Q8G also Windows 98 SE
  • XB88B-9B96V-CRJPG-64882-GQBDD
  • GC6J3-GTQ62-FP876-94FBR-D3DX8

If you find other Microsoft OEM CDs that these registration numbers workwith, please E-Mail me atbrian@brian.carr .name (but don't forget to remove the space).

For Office 2000 Small Business there are:
  • W6FX3-77MJ3-JMVH2-VWP86-F4KMJ, also Word 2000, MoneyMaker 2000 (Work Suite 2000) OEM
  • QVRWX-3GFQW-HBVK4-MY92R-DT9QJ Gateway version, too and also Publisher 2000
For Word 2000 try:

Microsoft Office 2000 Cd Key Generator V2 0 Free Download


For Money 2000 try:

51611 OEM 3016756 16134

Download Office 2000 With Key

For Windows 2000 Pro, Server, and Advanced try:

RM233-2PRQQ-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB worked with Dell Latitude and Israeli Copam

For Outlook 2000 and FrontPage 2000 and Works Suite 2001 try:


For Windows Millenium try:
  • C2C8Q-2P36X-JHXPJ-9KQJT-BBGPT Del OEM 00029-056-952-050

CD Keys for Windows XP Home Edition are:

  • RXRKX-X6747-V3VXH-7YWKM-733KT

CD Keys for Windows XP Professional Edition id:

  • XJM6Q-BQ8HW-T6DFB-Y934T-YD4YT Dell OEM Build 2600

If you have to use yet another registration number, you could also sendme the number and product it goes with and I will post it here in casethe CD case gets separated from the little sheet and you can use thispage as an archive of the registration number.

Hope your reinstallation goes well.

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, Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

New Serials Compilation

Important: If you haven't already done so, take the time to read the How To Make A Request guide and our comprehensive Posting Guidelines. Posting or requesting serials which do not meet our criteria for abandonware/beta software will result in a ban.

The serials provided in the posts below are supplied and compiled by our helpful visitors. We cannot guarantee any particular serial will work for you, however if you try enough you'll find one. We are slowly building a list of verified serials, shown below in this specific post.

If you have used a serial successfully, please post and let us know which serial and with what software you used it on!

Tested & Verified Working Serials

Windows 95A Upgrade

Windows 98 Second Edition

Windows Millennium

Windows 2000 Professional SP4

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Microsoft Office 95 Pro OEM dell computer serial key or number

Windows 7 OEM – Applying OEM System Locked Preinstallation Activation

Code of Authenticity (CoA) and Windows (OEM) Sticker

Systems manufactured before 2012 were sold with a Windows 7 CoA. This contained the Edition of Windows 7 and a 25 Digit Product Key.

    Systems sold after 2012 have the following sticker to identify that they have a Windows OEM License.

    What is OEM System Locked Preinstallation?

    Original Equipment Manufacturers like Dell preinstall Windows on millions of Devices. In order to avoid having to manually type an alpha-numeric 25 digit product key and calling Microsoft for Product Activation on every single computer they manufacture they activate their devices using a different mechanism called OEM System Locked Preinstallation (OEM SLP).

    MSDM – Microsoft Digital Marker

    For systems sold with Windows 8 OEM and Windows 10 OEM the 25 digit product key is not seen printed on a label but is embedded in the MSDM table of the UEFI BIOS. Windows 10 Installation Media downloadable from Microsoft will automatically input these product keys during installation and as it's multi-edition it will automatically select the correct Edition corresponding to the Windows Product Key. Although most people shouldn't need to, one can check if they have a MSDM by installing RWEverything. The ACPI tables should load by default (if not select Access → ACPI Tables).

    SLIC – System License Internal Code

    For Windows 7, the 25 digit product key was printed on a CoA but it is typically not used during Windows 7 Installation. Instead Windows 7 is activated from Factory using OEM System Locked Preinstallation. For Windows 7 OEM SLP three things are required:

    • The System has a SLIC Version of 2.1
    • The Installation Media Inputs:
      • A xrm-ms File.
      • A Generic OEM SLP Key (Generic for the OEM e.g. Dell and the Edition of Windows 7 e.g. Professional).

    If all three requirements are satisfied OEM SLP is applied. Although most people shouldn't need to, one can check if they have a SLIC by installing RWEverything. The ACPI tables should load by default (if not select Access → ACPI Tables).

    A SLIC Version of 1.0 is for Windows XP, a SLIC Version of 2.0 is for Windows Vista and a SLIC Version of 2.1 is for Windows 7. Systems shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10 Pro will have a SLIC Version of 2.1 in addition to the MDSM because they are eligible for OEM Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 Pro OEM.

    Installation Media

    • Windows 10 (Version 1511 and Later)
      • Accepts Windows 10 MSDM
      • Accepts Windows 8.1 MSDM and Windows 8 MSDM
      • Accepts Windows 7 CoA Key
        • One Time Activation Use
        • System Motherboard Hardware Profile Registered with a Microsoft Product Activation Server No Key Required for Reinstall
      • Does Not Activate from a Clean Install using the SLIC
        • Upgrade Install from SLIC Works
        • Genuine Ticket Generated on Windows 7 Activated SLIC Works
    • Windows 7 OEM Media
      • Major OEM Media e.g. Dell Activates Using the OEM SLP
        • Has a sources\$OEM$\$$\system32\OEM folder which contains the OEM.xrm-ms file.
        • Has a sources\$OEM$\$$\setup\scripts folder which contains an OOBE script and SLP script.

    The Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) script calls the System Locked Preinstallation Script (SLP) script. The SLP script has two lines the first line installs the OEM.xrm-ms file and the second line inputs the generic OEM SLP key. This is the key for Dell Windows 7 Professional.

    This is the SLP script from a Dell unmodified Dell Windows 7 Professional Reinstallation ISO:

    Windows 7 Retail Media or System Builder OEM Media does not contain an $OEM$ folder and will not apply OEM SLP and will instead ask for a Retail Product Key During Installation. This has caused a lot of confusion regarding OEM SLP.

    Applying Windows 7 OEM SLP Using Retail Media

    Retail Installation Media asks for a Product Key During Installation. We can uncheck "Automatically Activate Windows when I'm Online".

    Post Installation we can apply the OEM System Locked Preinstallation. Download the following:

    Extract, select your OEM and then Edition of Windows 7. Copy the OEM folder directly to the C:\Drive. Right click the SLP.cmd file and select run as administrator, this will apply OEM SLP as per the factory settings.

    The slp.cmd script for Dell Windows 7 Professional is shown below. Note the OEM folder must be copied to the C:\ Drive directly so the script can find the OEM.xrm-ms file.

    OEM SLP Key Collection – For Information Only

    Many people on forums are instructed to use key finders to find their OEM Product Key and instead will find the OEM SLP key and fail to activate using it. These keys will only activate using OEM SLP, they do not activate using the activation methods of Retail Product Keys.

    Note the first 5 digits of the Product ID listed below will differ corresponding to the language installed.


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starter xxxxx-OEM -8992707-00082 36Q3Y-BBT84-MGJ3H-FT7VD-FG72J
    Windows 7 Home Basic xxxxx-OEM-8992752-50258
    Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00095 6RBBT-F8VPQ-QCPVQ-KHRB8-RMV82
    Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00524 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD
    Windows 7 Ultimate xxxxx -OEM-8992662-00400 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27
    Windows Vista Home Basic xxxxx-OEM-7332166-00096 3YMR2-WMV49-4WD8X-M9WM7-CH4CG
    Windows Vista Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-7332157-00204 4GPTT-6RYC4-F4GJK-KG77H-B9HD2
    Windows Vista Business xxxxx-OEM-7332141-00054 368Y7-49YMQ-VRCTY-3V3RH-WRMG7
    Windows Vista Ultimate xxxxx-OEM-7332132-00141 2QBP3-289MF-9364X-37XGX-24W6P
    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00008 V3Y2W-CMF9W-PGT9C-777KD-32W74
    Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00188 4CFBX-7HQ6R-3JYWF-72GXP-4MV6W
    Windows 7 Ultimate xxxxx-OEM-8992662-00008


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30169


    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50213 22MFQ-HDH7V-RBV79-QMVK9-PTMXQ
    Windows 7 Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-8992687-00249 27GBM-Y4QQC-JKHXW-D9W83-FJQKD
    Windows 7 Professional xxxxx-OEM-8992671-00437


    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00537 6K2KY-BFH24-PJW6W-9GK29-TMPWP


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows Vista Starterxxxxx-OEM-7332204-00603 223JH-DDMFR-3WBTR-H3V93-28JK8
    Windows Vista Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-7332166-00021 2VX48-BVXT6-GD2PK-BD3R2-44MV3
    Windows Vista Home Premium xxxxx-OEM-7332157-00174 HW7V9-XYT4W-PFR9Q-2DKGJ-RR4TD
    Windows Vista Businessxxxxx-OEM-7332141-00039 2Q2WM-VCB98-8C6BG-C9BT2-3XDRY
    Windows Vista Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-7332132-00015 23CM9-P7MYR-VFWRT-JGH7R-R933G
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30008 RH98C-M9PW4-6DHR7-X99PJ-3FGDB
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50008 DX8R9-BVCGB-PPKRR-8J7T4-TJHTH
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00010 4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00008 74T2M-DKDBC-788W3-H689G-6P6GT
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00010 MHFPT-8C8M2-V9488-FGM44-2C9T3


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30005 6K6WB-X73TD-KG794-FJYHG-YCJVG
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50005 89G97-VYHYT-Y6G8H-PJXV6-77GQM
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00007


    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00407 2WCJK-R8B4Y-CWRF2-TRJKB-PV9HW
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00173 2Y4WT-DHTBF-Q6MMK-KYK6X-VKM6G


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30004RDJXR-3M32B-FJT32-QMPGB-GCFF6
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50004  MB4HF-2Q8V3-W88WR-K7287-2H4CP
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00006  VQB3X-Q3KP8-WJ2H8-R6B6D-7QJB7
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00004  YKHFT-KW986-GK4PY-FDWYH-7TP9F
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00006  FJGCP-4DFJD-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR2


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30013 PV9BD-YBRX6-CTMG6-CCMJY-X8XG7
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50013 2P6PB-G7YVY-W46VJ-BXJ36-PGGTG
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00015 CQBVJ-9J697-PWB9R-4K7W4-2BT4J
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00013 GMJQF-JC7VC-76HMH-M4RKY-V4HX6
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-0001549PB6-6BJ6Y-KHGCQ-7DDY6-TF7CD


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992707-00016 32J2V-TGQCY-9QJXP-Q3FVT-X8BQ
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50014 YV7QQ-RCXQ9-KTBHC-YX3FG-FKRW8
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00016 H4JWX-WHKWT-VGV87-C7XPK-CGKHQ
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00014 H9M26-6BXJP-XXFCY-7BR4V-24X8
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00016 YJJYR-666KV-8T4YH-KM9TB-4PY2W


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30015 TGBKB-9KBGJ-3Y3J6-K8M2F-J2HJQ
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50015 9H4FH-VD69Y-TGBD2-4PM4K-DRMMH
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00057


    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00137


    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00459 2XQ63-J3P67-9G3JC-FHQ68-8Q2F3


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992707-00121


    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50179 2TY7W-H4DD4-MB62F-BD9C3-88TM6
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00246 4G3GR-J6JDJ-D96PV-T9B9D-M8X2Q
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00503 2W3CX-YD4YJ-DF9B2-V27M6-77GMF


    EditionProduct IDOEM SLP Key
    Windows 7 Starterxxxxx-OEM-8992752-30007  PMXH9-M23P9-QJJMB-2FWRC-7CDKP
    Windows 7 Home Basicxxxxx-OEM-8992752-50007 8W3JQ-BP2HY-F47QX-6CQ94-2BKQB
    Windows 7 Home Premiumxxxxx-OEM-8992687-00009 C6MHH-TRRPT-74TDC-FHRMV-XB88W
    Windows 7 Professionalxxxxx-OEM-8992671-00007 PT9YK-BC2J9-WWYF9-R9DCR-QB9CK
    Windows 7 Ultimatexxxxx-OEM-8992662-00009 9CW99-79BBF-D4M3X-9BK9M-4RPH9

    This is a legacy guide. 

    As ABR only applies OEM System Locked Preinstallation it will only work on eligible systems. If the cert file and OEM SLP key is used on an illegal system you will be given 9 days to input a valid product key.

    This tool is useful if there is a product activation issue and Dell/HP OEM SLP needs to be reapplied without reinstallation or if one has a Retail Installation DVD.

    Most major OEMs are supported with this collection:

    • Alienware/Dell
    • Lenovo/IBM
    • HP/Compaq
    • ASUS
    • Acer
    • Samsung
    • Sony
    • Toshiba
    • MSI
    • Fujitsu

    These were obtained from here which covers a few more less common major OEMs.

    Download ABRbeta (Windows 7) and the Activation Files.

    The following steps may look a bit more complicated than they actually are. Essentially all you are doing is extracting two folders. One has two programs activation_backup.exe and activation_restore.exe. The cert and product key files must be copied to this extracted folder so the activation_restore.exe can be launched.


    Right click the "Dell/HP ABR Activation Files Vista and 7" and select extract all.

    Opt for the extracted files to be in downloads.

    Select to open the folder and snap it to the right. Next snap downloads to the left. Extract ABRbeta.exe (Windows 7) or ABR.exe (Windows Vista) by double clicking it.

    Accept the warnings to run it

    Again select the default location of downloads and select extract

    You will now have a folder called ABR, open it to the left and open the ABR activation files to the right.


    Select your version of Windows.

    I will use Professional as an example. Move the backup-cert.XrML and backup-key.txt file to the ABR folder.

    Once these files are copied across run activation-restore.exe by double clicking it and accept any user-account control. It will input the Major OEM SLP key from the backup-key.txt and use this with the backup-cert.XrML to activate Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    Note: You may be prompted to continue press [y] and [enter] if asked (usually you are asked this only if you entered a product key during installation which was not recommended).

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