Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number

Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number

Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number

Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number

NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account, requires internet connection.

Engage the enemy across vast outdoor environments and expansive indoor environments as you take control of the US Army's elite anti-terrorist unit. Delta Force Land Warrior™ introduces new weapons and characters for both single player and intense online multiplayer via NovaWorld.

  • Select from a team of diverse characters, each with their own special abilities. (Sniper, Demolitions, Close Quarters Battle, Aquatics and Heavey Gunner)

  • Advanced new rifles, systems, machine guns and grenade launcher

  • Developed from the same engine used to train the US ARMY elite Land Warrior Soldiers

  • Wage war on the massive battlefields of NovaWorld with up to 50 players simultaneously

  • Rank Yourself against your enemies and allies on NovaWorld

System requirements

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, Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number

Delta Force: Land Warrior Cheats

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Delta Force: Land Warrior Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Just press the ~ key then enter one of the following codes
    kariya - Max out Ammo
    corbet - Be Invisible
    drury - Get Full Ammo
    roy - Invincibility
    domi - Artilery Strike
    Other Codes:
    Pause = pause game
    NVG = night vision
    CoolNVG = realistic night vision
    NextWaypoint = advance to next waypoint
    Binoculars = binoculars
    tracers = tracers
    1knife = knife
    2sidearm = sidearm
    3primary_weapon = primary weapon
    4second_weapon = secondary weapon
    5explosives = aux 1
    6detonator = detonator
    7grenade = grenade
    8laser = laser designator
    9medic = special
    Bozo = Bozo mode
    talk = chat
    stalk = team chat
    Ban = ban
    talkblue = blue talk
    talkred = red talk
    VonTalk = push to talk
    VonBT = break talker
    VonMCT = mute current talker
    VonUSP = un-mute selected player
    VonRVU = increase record volume
    VonRVD = decrease record volume
    VonDisplay = display
    VonDLT = display last talker
    VonSLT = select last talker
    VonSBX = select target
    center_view = center view
    magazine = change magazine
    command = command prompt
    BigMap = commander's map
    Crouch = crouch
    move_jump = jump
    fly_up = fly up
    cycle = cycle weapons
    Drop = drop item
    Punt = punt mode
    PuntCRC = punt CRC
    PuntLog = punt log
    dualcpu = dual CPU mode
    attack_1 = fire weapon
    showgun = first-person gun view
    1stPerson = first-person view
    flipmouse = flip mouse direction
    alt_move_forward = forward
    look_dn_abs = absolute look down
    look_up_abs = absolute look up
    turn_left_abs = absolute turn left
    turn_right_abs = absolute turn right
    ShowFriendly = friendly tags
    help = help
    hudcolor = HUD color
    huddetail = HUD detail
    killlist = kill list
    LoadGame = load game
    lockgame = lock game
    look_down = look down
    look_up = look up
    mousescale = mouse scaling
    move_back = move back
    alt_move_back = move back
    move_forward = move forward
    CameraDown = move view down
    CameraLeft = move view left
    CameraRight = move view right
    CameraUp = move view up
    netdelay = net delay
    NextFlag = next flag
    Prone = prone
    OldMessages = recent messages
    scope = scope
    scopemag = scope magnification
    scopescale = scope scale
    decrease scopedec = scope zero
    increase scopeinc = scope zero
    PrintScreen = screenshot
    server = server screen
    setasslotX = where X is a number between 0 and 9, set as slot X
    0tossslot = toss slot
    CrossHairColor = set crosshair color
    Stand = stand
    Slide = strafe
    slide_left = strafe left
    alt_slide_left = strafe left
    slide_right = strafe right
    alt_slide_right = strafe right
    turn_left = turn left
    turn_right = turn right
    Verbose = verbose mode
    MissionGoals = view goals
    NoRun = walk
    zoomin = zoom in
    CameraZoomIn = zoom in
    zoomout = zoom out
    CameraZoomOut = zoom out
    resetgames = reset game
    restart = restart mission
    SaveGame = save game
    savescores = save scores
    quit = exit game
    exit = exit mission

Delta Force: Land Warrior Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Killing_Bart

    If your running short of ammo just SAVE the game (Default F11) then LOAD (Default F12) then you will have full ammo

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Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior serial key or number


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