Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

You may need a serial number and product key to activate some Autodesk software. 

Note: If you are on subscription, you may no longer need to enter a serial number or product key; you just need to sign in. Serial numbers are never required for launching products with network licenses.

Serial Number Locations

Serial numbers are unique codes associated with your Autodesk Account and a particular product that you have purchased or is otherwise available to you. For 2014 versions and later, you can find them in Autodesk Account, on the Management tab. Depending on your license type, you may not need a serial number to launch your product.

Autodesk Account

The Management tab of your Autodesk Account page stores the serial numbers and product keys for each licensed product.

Note about serial number visibility in Autodesk Account: Only account administrators, such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators, and Named Users with assigned software benefits will see serial numbers in Autodesk Account. You are the account administrator if you purchased a software subscription using your Autodesk Account or were assigned the role of Contract Manager or Software Coordinator by your company. If you do not see the software you wish to activate in your Autodesk account or see the message "Contact your admin for serial numbers," you need to contact the account administrator. Only an administrator can assign you as a Named User or End User and give you permissions to download and activate the software.

Education Community

When students, educators, and educational institutions download products from the Education Community, the product serial numbers are found in the following locations:

  • Displayed at the time of download
  • Sent by email
  • On the Management tab in Autodesk Account

See:Find Serial Numbers & Product Keys for Educational Licenses

Physical Media

Serial Numbers do not appear on software packaging for Autodesk software versions 2014 and newer. Serial numbers for these versions are emailed to you after you place an order or can be found in Autodesk Account.

If you have physical media (a DVD or USB key) for a 2013 or earlier product, your serial number and product key will be printed on the label of the product packaging.

Example of label from 2011 version. Format is similar for 2010 - 2013 product releases.

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Product Key Locations

Product keys are codes that identify each product version. 

  • You can find product keys for recent versions of your product in Autodesk Account, on the Management tab. 

  • To look up a product key for a particular product version (2010 and later), you can also go to:  Look Up Product Keys. 

Older product keys

If you can't find the product key for older versions of Autodesk software (2013 and later), you may be able to find it in a text file in the installation folder.

To determine if your product key is available in your installation folder:

  1. Using your installation media, (USB key, DVD, download folder, etc.) navigate to the folder that contains the setup.exe file for your Autodesk product.
  2. In that folder, look for a file named MID.txt, MID01.txt, MID02.txt or some variation on that name.
  3. Open this file in Notepad and verify that the product name is correct.
  4. The first five characters of the part number should also be the product key for that product.


MID: Autodesk_Design_Suite_Ultimate_2012_64bit_SWL_ENU_C009_EXE1
Product Name: Autodesk Design Suite Ultimate 2012
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Media: ESD
Part Number: 769D1-05Y001-P503E, 769D1-05Y001-P504E

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, Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

Licence Protector 5


If you have only a few installations to manage, it is sufficient to generate the Serial Number on a one-by-one basis manually. In case of a large volume delivery like hundreds of CD's, a key list is necessary. The key list file would then be sent to the CD duplication company. Online Shops that do not support an integrated generator often support the upload of a key list.



The key list file can be generated within the screen - Keys,Serial Number. Enter the desired number of serials, press button Create Serial Number and then the button Save generated keys  to file. The key list is saved as a text file.



















A key list can also be created in a batch process - see Create a key list with the Automatic License Generator


The keylist can be used in Online Shops.

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Êîìïüþ Ëèá serial key or number

Where can I find the Activation Key and File Installation Key (FIK) for my license?

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the File Installation Key for the purposes of installing MATLAB on an offline machine, see"How can I install MATLAB or other MathWorks products on an offline machine?" for complete instructions. Entering a File Installation Key into a MATLAB installer downloaded directly from the MathWorks websitewill not enable you to install MATLAB on an offline machine.


License administrators can obtain the Activation Key and File Installation Keys through through the "Advanced Options" button in the license center. To retrieve your Activation Key and File Installation Key, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the License Center here:http://www.mathworks.com/licensecenter
  2. Select the desired license
  3. Select the "Install and Activate" tab
  4. Click on the "Advanced Options" button
  5. The Activation Key along with the File Installation Key will appear on this screen. You can generate a File Installation Key for a different release using the drop down.

End Users

The File Installation Key is produced when you activate your license to a machine. See the following article for more information:

How do I activate MATLAB without an internet connection?

To retrieve a File Installation Key for a license which is already activated:

  1. Log into the License Center here:http://www.mathworks.com/licensecenter
  2. Click on the desired license
  3. Select the "Install and Activate" tab
  4. Click the blue arrow under "Get License File"
  5. If you do not see the activated machine and blue arrow, press "Update License File" to open the correct menu
  6. Select a release
  7. Specify that the software is not yet installed
  8. The File Installation Key will appear on this screen

End users who are not allowed to perform keyless activations must contact their license administrators to obtain a File Installation Key. End users must also contact license administrators to obtain the Activation Key regardless of their permissions. In the MathWorks License Center, click the "Contact Administrators" tab to get contact information for your license administrators.

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